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  • Blinking Dave has left the building! fitted new flylead. Fitted new HDMI which has in-built ferrite suppressors (found it still in its wrapper: it could be the one that came with the Youview box years ago). I think it was the HDMI that solved the problem, plus routing the coax and HDMI in opposite directions.So it looks as…
  • Me again. Have put the Youview box upstairs, feeding a different TV, and with no internet connection. All has been perfect for several days. Dave picture is fine, but if you lift the hood the Dave signal quality is shown as around 75%, ( as are all on the same MUX) but all the others are all 100%. Also Dave signal quality…
  • The tinfoil ploy was a failure. I think basically the problem goes away on its own in the late evening! The HDMI is new, from eBay, supposedly good quality… The coax and the HDMI are now well clear of each other, and the blinking is minimal after about 6pm. To be continued…
  • @jonesh see my comments re wrapping the HDMI and the coax with tinfoil, at the back of the Youview box. Two hours of watching Dave, and the picture was faultless. Seems like HDMI and coax into the same box is always risky. Thank you for your help.
  • Blinking Dave was bad again tonight. Sooo… I have wrapped the coax and the HDMI separately in regular tinfoil, for about 300mm up to the back of the Youview box, and for an hour or so there has been no more blinking… Maybe coincidence, but it chimes well with many other posts re HDMI to coax interference. :)
  • Thanks everyone. I still get Blinking Dave syndrome from time to time, but it is acceptable. Being late to the UHF debate, I find it almost magical that signals can be jumping around and so much dependent on cable quality/routing. Still, we accept without question that these signals travel over distances and through walls,…
  • @jonesh Thank you. I have tried most of your suggestions, but getting at the distribution amp in the loft and so on is something I don't fancy: it is 23 years old (a lot younger than me!) and I don't want to mess with it. I replaced the HDMI, which made no difference. I replaced the coax fly lead with a better quality and…
  • Not really sure how old my box is, maybe 6 years, could be more. In any case BLINKING DAVE happens on signal strength 60-100% (variable 20db attenuator) and 100% quality. Sometimes it stops blinking late evening. Seems to me the Dave frequency is being spiked by transient noise, momentarily overloading the tuner? I shall…