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Hi Sarah, Its a DTRT4000 running 3.6.114(c3f6fa) / 32.32.0 My ISP and TV provider is Talktalk. The series link jumping across Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event occurred on previous DTRT2100 and Huawai DN372t over the years. This is the first time an overrun has ruined the recording because of a change in the…
Yes, the series link is for Sky F1. The actual F1 races frequently get shown on both the F1 channel and the Main Event channel simultaneously. The Youview series link seems to randomly choose which channel to record from. As the F1 race has a build up programme, the race itself and a post review programme (all…
  • WilfH, I am not assuming that the most recent maintenance release caused this problem as I have not kept tabs on which software my box has been running over the last month. I am also not making assumptions, just a suggestion directly to Youview themselves. I am sure they will be best placed to decide and trial it first in…
  • I am also suffering from the scheduled recordings list having vanished on both a dtr 2100 and a dtr 4000 box (using Talktalk TV). Its actually becoming a pain as I cant delete series links and I have ended up not being able to record some live sports due to 2 other recordings happening in the background that I wasn't aware…
  • 9 months was me who asked the question in the Q&A forum............come on Youview, this shouldn't take so long. 9 months in the world of technology is like a generation. Any updates available?
  • First time poster here, but regularly check here for updates on the unicast situation as it was stated as coming summer 2014, and today is the first day of autumn 2014 1. I would like to understand why the Now TV app can only play SD movies, whereas all other devices can get HD movies. Now TV seem to blame Youview for…