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  • Have you checked your ethernet cable from the Youview box to the router as sometimes that can go faulty. Also try turning your router off for a min or so then turning it back on and letting it reboot. Let us all know how you get on.
  • Hi @Sarah Thanks for your reply.It don't seem at happen at a certain time of day. When the UK TV Play app loads to the home screen it sometimes just freezes and you cant move up or down the UK TV Play home screen to select what show you want to watch. Other times the UK TV play app works fine. Its also once jammed when I…
  • The BT TV app works fine on my iPad Mini 6 with 15.1 with no problems. I dont have 15.1 on my iPhone XR just yet. Just ios 15 and the BT TV works fine on that.
  • Yes as @Roy says post on the BT Community forums about it or even give the Digital Spy forums a try. I dont have a Samsung. I also dont have the Smart Hub 2. I have the Home Hub 6(Smart Hub). So cant really help. My Nexus 7 gave up the ghost nearly 5 years ago and I did love it. I have iPhone xr thats almost 2 years old…
  • The Roku channel as far as I know is only on Roku devices. YouTube app would be welcome if it came to Youview but as said it's been asked for a few times over the years and YouTube has still not come to Youview. As @Stevef_fr8ys says the Prime app never came to Youview retail boxes and the Prime app is now unlikely to come…
  • @Roy resetting the remote seems too have worked. I did try the other remotes first with the box and they seemed to work fine. Dont know what happened with the remote and why it been playing up. Would have never thought of resetting the remote if you had not said and sent me a link on how to do it. Thanks for your help.
  • @Roy have not tried resetting remote will give that a try later today. Thanx for the link.
  • @Roy thanks for your reply. Will try the other remotes later the day with the box in living room. Yes remote been programmed to work with TV and its sometimes sluggish with that as well compared to remote that come with the 2014 Samsung Smart TV.
  • I have been recording Countdown on the Youview box and watching it later. Not too keen on Ann Robison as the host though. Dont know why All4 now not got Countdown on demand. I dont use All4 much. I used to like when Countdown was in a later time slot in the afternoon a good few years ago. As 8 times out of 10 I would be in…
I’m the same with my Amazon Fire stick HD 2020 version. Now use that more than I do both my Youview boxes. It’s just faster for apps and has far more apps too chose from. Even better since I upgraded the remove too the new Bluetooth one. I do still use the Youview box to record and at times for watching tv channels.
  • Im not a big fan of the STV Player and have had the same issue in the passed. I do still use the STV Player but now 8 times out of 10 will now use the ITV Hub with a postcode for the Dumfries area on my Amazon Fire HD 2020 version. As Roy says email STV and they maybe able to help. STV is the only part of the UK that is…
  • Also try posting your question over on the Digital Spy forums. The Digital Spy forums are very good.
  • A Bluetooth remote seems more responsive than an normal remote that uses infrared. Also it just seemed to find the make of my TV Samsung without me having to do anything. Love my Bluetooth Fire TV remote. Bluetooth remotes seem to now be the way forward and im sure over the next few years more things will start to come…
  • I don't like how the Youview mini guide still shows the SD version of a channel and not the HD version. This is something that I have said in the past and nothing has changed.
Thats what I like about the new Amazon Fire TV stick remote its Bluetooth and is vastly superior to the old Fire TV stick remote that I still have as a back up.
  • Im in between two transmitters covering my area depending on where in my area you live and I sometimes lose signal for those channels when there is bad weather. I also at times dont get a great signal from the local Edinburgh Mux.
  • Welcome to the forum.You can do a soft reset without losing any recordings. https://support.youview.com/youview-box/box-and-remote/using-maintenance-mode/ What Youview box do you have. If it's the older T1000 box that box was discontinued a few years ago and now longer supported the latest updates or anything else.
  • Are you sure your powerline adapters are working. I had to replace my powerline adapters a few years ago after they seemed to stop working. I have been using TP Link 300 pass though powerline adapters for a few years now. There is now a newer version of the ones I have now on sale on Amazon. As @kodikid says the days of…
  • Sky have also said the US on demand service Peacock service will also be coming to Sky Q and Now as part of the Entertainment pack. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210729005660/en/
  • That's good if both channels look like they will also coming to Now. Im surprised Sky One is being rebranded as Sky Showcase.
  • @Roy I sort of had a feeling I could keep my 2018 Youview box. I agree with you about BT don’t seem to care about the flexibility for the Now TV packages and want you tied in to a 2 year contract. That’s good that you got 3 months of Boost for £1. Also BT don’t seem to offer any discounts for current Now subscribers and…
  • @Roy im tied in to a BT contract for Now till end of feb 2022. One of my BT Youview boxs is a retail box. Other box I got of BT in early 2018 after the BT T1000 packed in. You can change packages once a month but the Entertainment package you have to have for 2 years and now includes a lone of a Youview box.
  • Im now thinking of when my Now contract is up with BT next year then just getting the Now Big Entertainment with HD add on direct from Now. As im starting to get fed up with being with being tied in to a long TV contract. Would just keep the Youview boxes as Freeview PVRs.