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  • Sky have also said the US on demand service Peacock service will also be coming to Sky Q and Now as part of the Entertainment pack. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210729005660/en/
  • That's good if both channels look like they will also coming to Now. Im surprised Sky One is being rebranded as Sky Showcase.
  • @Roy I sort of had a feeling I could keep my 2018 Youview box. I agree with you about BT don’t seem to care about the flexibility for the Now TV packages and want you tied in to a 2 year contract. That’s good that you got 3 months of Boost for £1. Also BT don’t seem to offer any discounts for current Now subscribers and…
  • @Roy im tied in to a BT contract for Now till end of feb 2022. One of my BT Youview boxs is a retail box. Other box I got of BT in early 2018 after the BT T1000 packed in. You can change packages once a month but the Entertainment package you have to have for 2 years and now includes a lone of a Youview box.
  • Im now thinking of when my Now contract is up with BT next year then just getting the Now Big Entertainment with HD add on direct from Now. As im starting to get fed up with being with being tied in to a long TV contract. Would just keep the Youview boxes as Freeview PVRs.
  • This thread is starting to get a little off topic. I see some more shows that where on Fox are slowly starting to show up on Disney+.
  • I had seen this morning before going to work that BT had added more Eurosport channels for the Olympics. I don't have the Sports or the VIP package. So will have to watch some of the Olympic coverage and highlights on the BBC and via iPlayer. I just have the Now Big Entertainment package with HD add on. Shame Quest are not…
  • I have been finding although I have been watching GB News. I'm not watching it as much as I thought I would and my main news channels are still BBC News. Followed by Sky News.
  • @kodikid I only got Disney + at the start of April and I'm really liking Disney + and im glad I got the Amazon Fire Stick HD 2020 version just over 5 months ago. As I now use that more for apps and need it for Disney + and the new improved remote I got for I just under a month ago makes it even better. Have recently…
  • Could be atmospherics at a guess as it's been feeling very humid the last few days in parts of the UK. Have you checked you aerial connection as sometimes that can come lose but that would also affect other mux not just the BBC. Don't rescan for channels as you may end up losing channels. What transmitter are you using.…
  • I sadly got rid of my record player in the late 90s. My sister got old records given to her from an Auntie from mums site of family how has now sadly passed away not long before COVID started. some of the records are from the the late 60s and the 70s and are singles. She also now got nothing to play them on.
  • I still use a DVD player but I have to admit not as much as I used to a few years ago.
  • Thanks for the link @Roy Im on Craigkelly also and briefly lost the HD channels this afternoon. My area has 40% using the Black Hill transmitter and 60% like me using Craigkelly. Don’t know about the night as I now at my sisters just under 5 miles south from me watching movies on Prime Video.
  • I get better wifi since BT upgraded me from the Home Hub 4 to the Home Hub 6(Smart Hub) in January last year. Wifi in the back garden is not full strength but enough to surf the net on iphone or iPad and listed to Spotify. I must have a lest 18 things connected via wifi using the Home Hub 6(Smart Hub) and at lest 11 of…
  • I have been enjoying some of the tennis on the BBC and the extra courts via BBCi player. It's got that all the tennis is in HD. I have noticed that when you press red button on a BBC channel a new look BBC red button/iPlayer menu now pops up.
  • Well Fox Channel closes in just under 4 days and 80% of content will move mover to Disney +. Also Discovery Channel looks set to to be removed from Now by the end of this week coming. Im not getting Discovery + just to watch a few Discovery shows that I liked. I now as said use the Fire TV HD 2020 version for apps more…
I have been watching GB News but not as much as I thought I would have. My main news is still BBC News followed by Sky News.
  • @jimb I have not watched the channel long enough to see how many ad breaks there is per hour. Also dose the channel do any weather forecasts. I still seem to prefer BBC News and at times Sky News.
  • It's been in SD on channel 419 since last March. I don't watch Sky Sports News often but when I do it's the HD version that I will watch. When in my bedroom I watch the Now channels via the Now app on the Youview box or via the Amazon Fire HD stick. In living room I watch the Now channels via the EPG. It's good Sky Sports…
  • Cant get GB News in HD on Freeview and picture quality for SD is not great. @al dont know how you think the SD picture quality is the same as Sky News SD for I think its a little worse than Sky News SD. Sound is ok but not as good as other SD channels on Freeview. Cant see me watching the channel much unless it improves.…
  • @Roy BT have always so far offered the same price as Now. BT just sometimes not always pass on the same price as soon as Now change there prices but are not far behind offering the same price. You could be right about Now trying to prevent what im doing with Netflix with their basic Entertainment membership.
  • I have never thought about getting Discovery +. I do at times watch the Discovery Channel via Now and have no interest in getting Britbox. Have not watched the History Channel or Sky History as it's now called for a few years now. I have found since getting Fox back when I changed BT TV packages to Now via BT that I have…
  • @"Ken Hill1" I never got any email to say 6 new channels added and I'm on the Big Entertainment package with HD add on. Have just tried Now and yes the kids channels have been added. Wonder if come July BT will drop the price of the Big Entertainment package as Sky Cinema will drop back to £9.99.
  • I have no interest in getting the VIP package as adding Sport would be a waste of money for me as would not watch the sport channels enough. I'm happy with the Now Big Entertainment package and HD add on.New box dose look good though and I like how it's a 1tb box. Link don't say what the remote will look like. Hopefully a…
  • BT don't want to fully offload BT Sport. They are hoping someone will come along and be a partner in BT Sport. So they can share cost. I cancelled BT Sport just before the first lockdown in March 2020. As it was no longer part of the package. As I moved to Now Big Entertainment with HD add on. Glad I did as BT have since…
  • I did wonder why when flicking though channels yesterday evening why Court TV had a blank screen. Not a channel I will miss as I never really watched it.
  • I agree the new UI is a little slower on the BT Youview box as well as the BT Youview retail box but not that slow that is worth complaining about. I get 65mb-67mb 98% of the time. BT Youview box in living room is connected using TP Link pass though powerline adapters. The other box in my bedroom is connected straight to…
  • I don't see why the prime Video app has now been moved to near the end of the apps section behind the likes of milkshake, s4c and the pop player apps. This is not ideal but lest it's still there on the BT Youview boxes. I can see why I been using my Fire HD stick more since getting it earlier in the year but I also need it…
  • I have not found the record button no longer works but you can no longer cancel a recording that's already started without going to the channel then pressing record to cancel the recording.