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  • I used to run my box on talk talk powerline adapters and the cables they came supplied with. They were yellow cat5 network cables which is very old spec, i changed these cables to a newer cable and my problems vanished, my problem was nowtv doing the same. I now use a sky wifi adapter.
  • Mine does the same thing, always has. Its not just the BT box either, i have a dn372t that does it and i also have a goodmans freeview box that has always done it and that has nothing to do with youview. As has been said already, until they stop splitting the films in two, to put an annoying show inbetween, it will always…
  • I know this may sound patronising, but have you tried new batteries? I have this same issue whenever my batteries are running low and it helps to use proper batteries rather than rechargables. I have changed hard drives too and been able to go back to the old one without issue. If you are trying to put a larger one in, i…
  • @Visionman, I am getting defensive because for the last few hours i have had to repeat myself over and over and all people are trying to do is make anything i say look stupid, or shall i say "rain on my parade" My point isn`t i want a mini tv and i will ignore everyone at all, just try reading through todays comments…
Is that why its called a youview box?? Again, i have never even understood this feature until the "experts" here explained it to me today. I have gone 5 years and not once gone back a day on my guide.
  • If you can explain to me how the sunday to sunday on the guide is vertical, i will try and answer your question.
  • Honestly, if i have to explain how removing one feature makes room for another, there is no hope here.
  • I simply came up with the suggestion to remove the backwards guide as to me it is completely useless and would free up space for synopsis to be moved from the new pop up and add a mini tv, i then got a dozen people telling me just how important it was. No doubt dozens of people use the blue filter button too, i personally…
  • @TomW, my "rude" comment was not aimed at you. Just from the photo keith added and the pic i included, its clear to see you can have long thin text on one side and a mini tv on the other, all along the same horizontal strip and that is the old technology, surely we have advanced to do even more now?
  • Done with this conversation.
  • mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun mon tue wed thu fri sat sun --------------SPACE-------------- Do you see how only having one week takes less space now? Do you see the space to the right where a mini tv screen could now be placed along with the synopsis of whatever program you have highlighted could…
  • Not sure there is any need for the sarcasm at all. I have added a picture of exactly how it used to be, i would simply like it back that way, why i need knowledge of the inner workings i do not know. I have very clearly stated "I" never use the backwards guide and "I" have never seen it advertised, so yes that is a…
  • Yes, as i already stated. Again i suggested reducing it to fit the synopsis in there too, instead of this annoying new guide.
  • well we used to have it like i describe, even without reducing the days, i only suggested reducing them to fit both the mini tv and synopsis in this area, i would be happy to have either there. see the pic i added of how it used to be.
  • Fewer days on the bar would take less space, space that could be filled with synopsis instead of the new way it is now, done right they could fit the mini tv in too You keep saying it won`t free space when quite simply it will, where once there was mon - sun written twice, it would now only be written once, literally…
  • Not once have i seen this "feature" advertised, this conversation here is the very first time i have heard a use for it. Removing it and just having one week on the screen would very clearly create space to add other features, but very clearly everyone else uses it, so as you say it will go nowhere. Still it would be very…
  • My box goes backwards one week and forwards one week, by removing the back week as well as reducing the space the filter menu takes up, they could easily add a mini tv screen and synopsis, like every other platform has.
  • I am at a loss as to how you are finding a backwards guide useful. I turn on my tv, put on the guide and set any programs i want to record for the day, maybe even a few days, and i may use a player once in a while if it something i want to watch before its on live tv... What i have never done and has never even crossed my…
  • If its one of youviews main features, i haven`t used it in five years. I get using that feature with upcoming programs, but going back a week?, why wouldn`t you just go to the players manually instead of wading through the guide?
  • Its revolutionary to go back to last sunday to see what you missed?? I know what the filter bar is, but there is no need for it to take up the amount of on screen space it takes up.
  • Not only does the filter bar take up pointless space, why on earth do we need to go backwards in the guide? For some reason we can go back up to a week to see programs we have missed, why?? All this space could be redesigned to add a mini screen and synopsis, like pretty much every other platform does and like we used to…
  • Yes Tom a "marmite reaction" which is very simply solved with an off switch for those that hate it. The way it is now, i am being forced to eat marmite every day and i hate marmite.
  • This feature is coming to BT boxes in the latest update, so you should get it anytime soon. And yes a few weeks on it is still extremely annoying, every time you open the guide you will find yourself pressing left and right firstly to centre the guide, as for some reason they still feel the need to start it half an hour…
 I have never owned or ever used either the t1000 or t1010, yet i was sent the email stating a box i have used will no longer work.
  • I have my aerial in my loft as having it outside made so little difference to my signal strength, i could also avoid weather extremes by having it inside. My signal strength on my dn372t always reads low but the only channels i had problems with was a couple of the +1 HD channels, i also had this problem on my BT2100 on…
  • Its not something i am worried about, just thought it was worth a mention on a thread about their new app. I haven`t subscribed to now tv for about 6 months, but it was handy to be able to use the youview box for movies when i did.
  • I have never owned or used a t1000 or t1010
  • Posted a snip from the email, not sure if it has appeared or not.
Nope, only ever had the two i mentioned.