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  • I had an email today stating now tvs upcoming new app will no longer work with older youview boxes. It said my account history shows i have used one of these boxes that is becoming obsolete, i only have a dn372t and bt 2100. I guess this is part of this new recordable option you are describing. Though i don`t understand…
  • Go through the last two years of posts on here and count the amount of times this has been asked, then count any responses from them in the know. Such a basic feature that we once had, that every other platform has and we can`t get back.
  • An award?? seriously??? Is this guy responsible for the mess youview became?
  • If this feedback is always fed back to the relevant teams, doesn`t this prove they never listen? I am new here but have read through post after post of people asking for the same things over and over for about two years, a return to the list option on recordings, the mini tv on guide, the choice of playback time on…
  • If i remember rightly, the left pic is basically exactly how it used to be till some bright spark decided to change everything. I am convinced all the changes came to try and match the likes of sky and netflix. It must be two years since all this started and they still haven`t brought back the basics.
  • I look at the coming updates often and am very often annoyed that the simple basic features we lost seem to never be coming back, all we get are extras that just seem to be added to keep up with other platforms. I keep saying it but, not being able to choose a start point to playback a recording from has to be the most…
  • Reinstating all the old functions that people have wanted back from day one, should be the priority, why on earth the option to choose a playback start time isn`t back by now, i do not understand. Clearly their attempts to copy sky or netflix are a priority over actual daily function.
  • 100% agree it is annoying and needs an off switch. Hard to believe they are putting their time and efforts into "upgrades" like these, instead of bringing back things like the mini tv guide or option to choose the time on playing back recordings.
Which is why it needs the option to turn on or off. Those who want to see whats on next and those that want it covered up by an info banner.
  • Seriously who thought this was a good idea?? It is extremely annoying and can`t be turned off!
  • Yes, second hand. I was really just hoping someone on here had one of these boxes and could tell me what sort of numbers theirs were getting.
  • I believe i am served by winter hill, yes i know about the fires near there at the moment, but this was happening before all that was going on. Again though, why would the BT boxes work 100% if the aerial wasn` just so?
  • Sorry, not into football, all i know is Ronaldo is going home, thats good enough for me. Anyway signal quality is 100%, strength is just too low.
  • The quality is definitely not the issue, its the strength that is down for some reason. Quality is 100%. When the channels actually come on i have no pixels or break up of any kind, its getting them to come on thats the problem.
  • I know the boxes are not faulty as i have several of them and they all do the same thing. All have been reset and re-tuned many times, using every option in the maintenance menu. Signal quality is 100% and signal strength is between 99-100% on the BT 21000 box on the same ariel. On huawei boxes the signal strength is about…
  • No, the low signal has been going on for a while, only in the last week have the HD channels gone though, so that could be part of the warning. The bt2100 works fine though, so you would think if the warning was part of it, it would affect that box too.
What would be the point in the bag if i cut eyeholes?
Maybe, but it doesn`t really solve the licence issue, you basically have to give up all live tv, not just the BBC. In this day and age, we should be able to lock out the BBC channels and not pay for them and it should be renamed a BBC licence fee, not a TV licence. Anyway, enough said, this is a youtube thread.
I didn`t bring up the BBC.
I woudn`t want them to have my paypal details either. I did something similar with now tv and they kept taking money even after cancelling, i really don`t trust any of these companies any more.
How do you prove you don`t watch them? The last thing i watched on BBC was top gear, when clarkson was on it, never listen to BBC radio. I still have to pay a licence fee.
  • People baulk at the licence fee because you have no choice. Give me the option to stop paying and never watch the BBC again, i would jump at it.
  • I was going to sign up for the 3 month trial, but have no intention of adding credit card details for a free trial. I want to watch the cobra kai series but can`t justify signing up to this just to see them. The whole, "no ads" mean nothing if you use an adblock anyway.
  • Thank you for the response. They have been vanishing randomly for ages, but they have now completely gone. I have since noticed that the latest updates are not available for my model, even though they are for both the 372 and 360, not sure why that is. Looks like they are stopping supporting this model. If that is the…