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  • The more that technology does for you, the more you find that it can't.
  • Just a footnote. My Pioneer Blue ray packed up this week. Bought a Sony replacement, plugged it in, no setting up. Out of the box it switched on the TV, grabbed it's input by the cahones and brought on the sound system. When I later switched off the TV it shut down the blue ray and sound system the way it should but i had…
  • @Roy Thanks for your input. I've decided I can live with having to use two remotes. It was a little challenge trying to get this to work, but in the end, life's just too short. Keep up the good work.
  • jonesh said:In our household we usually want the TV to stay on when the YouView box is switched off. I agree. None of my equipment turns the tv off, nor would I want it to. I wanted the tv to turn off the Humax, as it does with all my other equipment. Also to redirect the input to the Humax as happens with all my other…
  • @Roy I know you're trying to help but it seems as clear as mud to me when a service provider (software or hardware) decide to not incorporate commonly expected features into their design. Here is a copy from Humax support saying that the little I am asking for should work. Davidr to Humax support All I want from the Humax…
Thanks. Looks like two steps forward and one back when newer equipment have less functionality built in than older models. As to Humax in general, it is unlikely to be my next choice given that the competition all seem to be doing better.
  • @Roy Given that my TV interacts as it should with all my equipment and even my old Humax, but not with my brand new Humax, I would suggest it is quite clear who the culprit is. Unfortunately Humax "Support" have ducked the issue and passed the buck to youview support.
 @Roy Sorry I meant my old HDR1000S
  • @Roy Sorry, I didn't know you had replied until told today by youview support. Re. CEC v BraviaSync. Not sure what you mean. Pic 1 from my TV settings says that BraviaSync controls HDMI devices. Also you can see that my other devices are connected. (And these work properly) I can't get my Humax to show up here even though…