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  • The more that technology does for you, the more you find that it can't.
  • Just a footnote. My Pioneer Blue ray packed up this week. Bought a Sony replacement, plugged it in, no setting up. Out of the box it switched on the TV, grabbed it's input by the cahones and brought on the sound system. When I later switched off the…
  • @Roy Thanks for your input. I've decided I can live with having to use two remotes. It was a little challenge trying to get this to work, but in the end, life's  just too short. Keep up the good work.
  • jonesh said: In our household we usually want the TV to stay on when the YouView box is switched off. I agree. None of my equipment turns the tv off, nor would I want it to. I wanted the tv to turn off the Humax, as it does with all my other equip…
  • @Roy  I know you're trying to help  but it seems as clear as mud to me when a service provider (software or hardware) decide to not incorporate commonly expected features into their design. Here is a copy from Humax support saying that the little I …
  • Sarah said: Hi @Roy @DavidR Turning on your STB from active standby or deep standby to ON will turn your CEC enabled TV on (within 2 mins if booting STB from cold). With some combinations of STB and TV, the TV HDMI input will also switch to t…
  • @Roy Given that my TV interacts as it should with all my equipment and even my old Humax, but not with my brand new Humax, I would suggest it is quite clear who the culprit is. Unfortunately Humax "Support" have ducked the issue and passed the buck…
  • jonesh said: DavidR said: I have just bought a new DTR T2000 1TB to replace my Humax HDR 1000S. DavidR said: Picture 2 shows that "Auto devices off" powers off HDMI devices with the TV (and this also works on …
  • @Roy Sorry, I didn't know you had replied until told today by youview support. Re. CEC v BraviaSync. Not sure what you mean. Pic 1 from my TV settings says that BraviaSync controls HDMI devices. Also you can see that my other devices are connected…