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Just curious if you ever tried any of those ideas? 
  • Can I please request a discrete button press to launch each inbuilt App? For example, the USB keyboard has several spare keys that are currently not assigned to anything. It would be great if these could be assigned to launch iPlayer, ITV Hub etc.
Sorry, I dont know how to do it via IR. But I use the USB port to control it. I ended up once an hour, pressing a random button on the keyboard that is not programmed for anything. The button has no effect on the box, but it resets the sleep timer and the box doesn't go to sleep. Be aware though that the box is not…
  • Well, the only other devices I have to test with is a Apple TV Gen 4 and a Xbox 360 at the moment. The Apple TV Gen 4 might have some HDCP content, I'll give it a try. But it will be hard to test if I am honest either way. The Apple TV could just black out the screen and resume when I switch to it again, so it will be hard…
  • Hi Roy. I have a Yamaha RX-V677. I've actually already had it replaced once under warranty and it happened both to the previous one and this one as well. So it must either be a design flaw with the V677 or something with my Plusnet branded YouView box? Most likely some AMPs might not keep the HDCP handshake alive when that…
  • Can I also request auto closure of HDCP error messages? Currently if you use a YouView box with a AMP, then a HDCP error message will appear as soon as you switch your AMP to another HDMI input because you break the HDCP chain. I understand that this is necessary, but when the user switches back to YouView and the HDCP…
  • Hmm, the forum doesnt seem to allow private messages to be sent? Do you happen to have an email address for Sarah or Piers so I can get their attention?
  • Hi Roy, many thanks for that, I will try to contact Sarah / Piers. Sorry, I am new to the forums here. Where can I find the YouView spec and paragraph 4.2?
  • Hi Roy, Many thanks for your quick reply. Are you sure about this though? DIKS_POWER2 has got mapping of 0x10 right? I've tried this already (in fact I ran a script to try all 0x00 - 0xFF combinations and none seem to be mapped to a discrete power on). Maybe because I have a Plusnet YouView box? Maybe my model is slightly…
  • Can I request a discrete Power On (rather than a Toggle) for the USB Keyboard support. Massive improvement to people with home automation systems that is getting more and more common and affordable.
  • I would also like to request this. How such a easy feature is not part of every piece of AV hardware is beyond me. So easy to write up and would help thousands of customers with home automation systems and would bring appeal to anyone looking to buy the system who already has a home automation system in place. Creds though…
  • What command do you send that keeps it awake that doesnt interfere with what the user is watching? All commands I have tested puts some sort of pop up on the screen?