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  • Called retailer today and claimed 14 day exchange. They asked me why I wanted to exchange. The guy didn't dissuade me when I explained. YouView is flawed big time stylie.
  • Freeview manufacturers like Humax, Sagem and Topfield were offering this feature years ago without the need for promoting or customer requests. It was even advertised as being a central Freeview feature. My initial impression of YouView is that it is not a well designed service but rather a cut and paste job with little…
  • Thanks. So basically the genre search feature was not programmed into the YouView software - box GUI or server side. Remarkably though the data is available and could be used. This would probably take very little coding time to implement and test. What a difference it would make to the product.
  • Amazing. I just checked my six year old Panasonic TV - its built in Freeview tuner (no PVR) displays programmes by movie, news, entertainment, sports, children's, education, lifestyle and drama. There must be an explanation aside from just incompetence as to by YouView lacks this feature.
  • I'm speechless. I have to use my old faulty Humax 9200 to perform a search by genre and then manually enter the results film by film - letter by letter - into the new Humax YouView box. This is really poor and surely an embarrassment for YouView. How difficult can it be to add a genre search for the EPG? I will probably…
  • I bought a Humax YouView box a couple of days ago to replace my Humax 9200. I'm shocked to discover that there is no "Genre" search on the YouView service - I can't search for all films on in the next 7 days. This is something I could do with my 7 year old basic Humax 9200! This is such a basic service that its absence…
  • I'm shocked. Had I known this I wouldn't have bought the box. The Humax 9200 calls the feature "Search by Genre". It's a central and extremely useful - I think essential and so basic - part of any PVR. I don't understand why this feature would be missing from YouView - surely a simple film flag using the same data as that…
  • Thanks but no I mean: is there are way of searching the EPG for, say, all films on in the next 7 days? I know it is possible to search for progs with specific names but most PVRs allow you to display a list of all programmes on all channels in the next 7 or 14 days with a specific theme - films, children's, cooking and so…