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  • Thanks everyone for your help. I can confirm that’s only the full hard reset worked, but it is now back to normal. Specific thanks to Sarah for investigating in the background. Ian.
Sadly, whilst it looked like the series items had gone into the 'Record' list, nothing recorded. Do I have any options but a complete factory reset, losing all recordings?
  • So... Interesting results . I was able to get in on the app. At first , it appeared to allow me to record. But then by the 4th item : But nothing appeared on the box : I'll see whether the shows actually record or not on Monday... Ian.
 Apologies . I just saw the point about the BT app. At first I couldn’t use it because it was asking for a bt user ID and password , and on other bt sites , that is now inactive, but it does seem that the app still recognises it. I wasn’t able to finish that test , as I needed to reset password , and re-pair the app…
  • Hi Roy, Yes, I’m sure it’s 3.7.8. I can see and play recordings. (That’s why I haven’t done a full reset yet. My family want to watch every recording once more before I wipe it). I have done the reset type 2 and type 4 though. (Reset without losing recordings, and reset with usb without losing recordings ) I have reset the…
  • Thanks again for your help. We can't record from the BT app because we don't have a subscription any more after they overcharged us for months, but it recorded fine till a few days ago. That's why I think it has been consciously crippled by a firmware upgrade. I have 2 remotes and the blue light comes on both when I hit…
  • Thanks for the screenshots of the old one. It's hard to work from memory of where the red symbol was, but I certainly know where it used to work :) Unsurprisingly, yes , I have tried hitting record , on every screen . It sets a reminder from the info screen, but no recording , from any screen. You certainly used to be able…
Since this update on my dtrt2100 , the record function has completely vanished. Recordings are still present. A maintenance reset (2) and (4) did not do anything. It looks like it has been deliberately crippled in the software. The red button at the bottom of the guide doesn't appear and when you go to guid and info…