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But that doesn't work with my Humax DTR-1010 box. BT have confirmed that it is "too old" although it doesn't feel that I have had it THAT long. Feels like a backward step. Is there any hope that YouView will reinstate their app on the understanding that there will be no support or bug fixes? 
  • I have a Humax DTR-1010 box and I was very happy using the YouView app on my Android phone. Last month, when I heard that the YouView app was to disappear, I downloaded the BT TV app and was able to pair with my Humax. I could also schedule recordings and do most of the things I could with the YouView app. But now I find…
  • f1charlie, That's because you did an MM reset. Go to 'Settings' in the app and disconnect from your YouView box. Then connect to your box as though it is the first time. JohnJ 
  • Hi @Sarah, Not without a lot of trepidation I have performed a Maintenance Mode reset number 2 (MM2) and HEY PRESTO everything now appears as I would expect it. All my recordings (including those after 25 April) have pictures on their tiles - including series where previously the episodes before 25 April had a picture and…
  • Hi again Sarah OK. I will take a deep breath and try a maintenance mode reset. I have some other more pressing things this morning so I won't report back until later. I do have the app installed on my phone but have only ever used it to set a scheduled recording when away from home. So today is the first time I have looked…
  • Hi Sarah, First in answer to your questions: - I have the same issue (blank tiles for recordings since 25 April) both when I access MyTV from the button and via the menu. - There are images on the tiles in the scheduled recordings list, the players & apps ribbon and the channel ribbon. The MYTV ribbon shows only pictures…
  • Hi Sarah, Giro d'Italia did record last evening but there is no picture on the tile. You will have seen the other comments today which indicate that the issue is not isolated to my setup. 25th April seems to be a date affecting others too. Was there a software update on or around that date? Is there any reset that I can…
  • Hello again, My Humax box is connected to the internet via an ethernet cable to a Powerline Adapter and then an ethernet cable from another Powerline Adapter to the router. This arrangement is because the TV set and the Humax box are not close to a telephone socket. The telephone socket is BT's "main" socket. The blank…
  • Hi Sarah, Thank you for replying. I confirm that all my recent recordings lack a picture on the tile. All recordings prior to April 25th have a picture on the tile, except for a single recording from back on 26 December 2017 which has also "lost" its picture. My Youview box is a Humax DTR T1000 and I have copied the…