• Yes. It is across all UK terrestrial transmitters and the change will be seen on all terrestrial receivers that can support MHEG. That includes all youview recorders, and receivers, apart from the Sagemcoms.
The local mux's use something called QPSK instead of 64QM or 256QAM. This results in a much improved ability to cope with a low signal to noise ratio. This means that it can compensate for a weaker power level. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used to broadcast as many channels at the same picture quality, which…
As Macca9016 hasn't an internet connection via a router, that raises the possibility that he hasn't a suitable PC to set up the nano router. "take it to a friend" will probably be the easier option.
  • Heart and Capital changed mux on the 23rd November from from COM4/SDN to COM5/ArqA.If your aerial can receive COM5/ArqA then a retune should bring them back.
  • It is not just Twilight Zone. None of Legend's programmes include series link.
With the the current contracts, and probably any future contracts, you will not receive a free BTHumax box. You will only be sent a box if you also take out a subscription to BT TV as well as signing up to BT as an ISP. If sent, the box is not yours. For a few years now, if you do receive a BT youview box it is only…
Of course, but I was just replying to the other replies.
That was pre an update in 2017 
Although I'm not quite sure it happened with the first version of NextGen. I think it happened in one of the updates either side of the 2017 initial NextGen update.
Which One For All remote? Preferably the URC number for the One For All remote. From One For All web site I can see that the appropriate codes can vary between their different models for different devices. 
All the older Humax/BT Youview remotes should operate the DTR-T4000. Is your old remote warn out? You could…
  • ChrisHumax said: 
That is good detail that you have given. That it flashes twice instead of just once 
when you enter the 3rd digit does show that you do have a 3 digit code 
remote. This means that if you try to enter 4 digits, the 4th digit will just be ignored. 
After you pressed "OK" did you try to use…
  • Just tried it on the BT TV Box Pro that I use and can see it. I'm not a trialist.
Have you checked that the previous owner hasn't hidden the HD channels? Some people are content with the SD versions of the HD equivalents, and only use SD as SD takes up less room when recorded. To see which channels are hidden, go into the Guide and press the yellow button on the remote. This will display a list of…
  • Would help if you could comment on the previous answer when you asked the same question on another thread. Otherwise we are just guessing why that answer wasn't suitable.
  • Is the software versions in the Youview announcement for the removal of the mini guide and its replacement also incorrect?The announcement states: Manufacturer software: 0.5.252 Component software: 4.0.220 but they were the versions for the Find my Remote update. The "Latest Box Versions" page also still lists the versions…
  • Thanks for the ability to record from the timeshift buffer. It is very welcome. I don't tend to watch live TV but sometimes do accidentality, and the ability to record from the buffer when that occurs is welcome.It also enable creation of 5 overlapping programmes by having the box record normally 4 of the 5 programmes,…
It's not bad - it is painfully very bad.In additional to what you reported:- it hits almost regardless of the risk to itself and putting itself in a worse position and you in a better position;- if you give it a dose of its own medicine by hitting it regardless, then it will kindly get out of the way in your home…
  • I wonder if making Youview handle TogetherTV will be put on a backlog let alone a to do list.It would be nice if TogetherTV were to work on Youview boxes but there are other channels that have HbbTV which either don't work (VisionTV, ChannelBox and Arise News) There are also channels that despite HbbTV now being available…
Also you can't mix BT/Humax with TalkTalk/Huawei remotes and boxes. From what wasn't said in the original post that could be the issue.
  • - Component software - software from Youview - Manufacturer software - software from sagecom - ISP configuration - with BT as the ISP then software/configuration from BT - Platform configuration - "Describes a set of parameters that allow the behaviour of the device to be configured after deployment without requiring the…
  • Is it the "BBC Red Button service" you are after, or the "BBC Connected Red Button service" (once known as "BBC Red Button Plus service")? The work round for the text BBC Red Button service is to switch to a BBC radio channel and access the BBC text service from there using the red button, and then select "INDEX" or enter…
What is the youview model of your set top box?It could be that the hard disk drive (or rather file system) has gone read only. There has been reports of this happening with a certain freeview box but I can't recall anyone reporting this with a youview box.
 Wouldn't BT more likely take the easy option and charge the ex-BT-TV customer £115?
  • Are those the SD or HD versions of the channels? Some examples of channels that always work may also help. Have you an examples of channels that regularly record OK for you? Sarah also asked "Are you in an area where you can receive more than one transmitter?".
 I suspect that the BT remote on the far right will not work at all as it is made by a different manufacturer, but even if it operates some of the functions, it lacks some of the buttons of the others. I have used (and own) 4 out of the 5 others. The slimline BT remote, (2nd from the right,) with the black and white…
And if that doesn't work then attach a USB keyboard (cable or wi-fi but not bluetooth) and press the # key.
Have you attempted to hold down the AD button while using the volume control buttons? That works for re-adjusting the volume but I don't know if it will unmute.
Is the power switch at the back in the On position?
The very early BT youview remotes had larger, more spaced out, buttons, but are now only available second hand. Including postage the ones I've seen for sale varied from about £8 to £20.If you decide to buy one make sure that the remote has a blue button labelled "youview" as there is a very similar pre-youview BT…
The deletion of recorded programmes is actioned via the MyTV page. I suspect you have been attempting to use the play shortcuts to delete recordings instead of the MyTV page. The method of getting to the MyTV page is slightly different if you have a pre-2014 model or your youview box hasn't yet updated to this year's…
  • What is the TP-LINK? I.e. is it a nano router, or power link adapters (PLA)?To quote @roy on a previous very similar query
"Or is it a pair of PLAs? In which case, turn off all four devices, and 
then power up each in turn, starting at the router, then the PLA at that
 end, then the PLA at the YouView end, and…