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  • Some very amusing comments on this thread today from a couple of people trying to pretend there is no problem here, on the basis that it's OK if 95% of people posting don't like/want this update, because there are plenty of other users who haven't bothered to post. This reminds me very strongly of the Blackberry forums a…
  • To Phil from YouView, Thanks very much for your response. It is good to know that YouView are reading the customer feedback and intend to take it on board. It is not so good that we cannot reverse this unwanted software change, which is clearly what everyone wants. The most worrying part of your response, however, is the…
  • It's very disappointing that no-one from YouView is responding to all these comments. Presumably you set up this thread because you intended to read what people have to say about the software change (I don't think we should call this an "upgrade"). It really should be clear to you by now that: - The change has been a…
  • This is a truly terrible "update" and disgraceful that we were not told it was coming or given the option to refuse. Does anyone from YouView actually read this forum? If so then please identify yourself and confirm whether or not the text list of recordings will be reinstated. If not then I suspect most people will simply…