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  • I have now ordered an Apple TV 4th generation and will sell both of my YouView boxes on eBay. Life can be as simple as you make it. YouView chose to do a phased roll out, many other companies don't. I had a simple choice to ditch YouView and buy an Apple TV rather than wallowing in the wait for YouView to to decide me…
  • I currently watch it via Chromecast and much prefer it to Netflix. I hate US drama - I find it way too formulaic. I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and BritBox. I watch something on Netflix once a month, if that, and it's usually British oriented stuff like The Crown. I pay for Sky merely because of the way catch-up is…
  • I'm happy to buy a third or a fourth box if this would guarantee me the BritBox update. Phased roll-out is a choice made by YouView. It doesn't have to be like that. It creates an artificial scarcity and adds perceived value to the product. We shouldn't just roll over and accept things like some are prepared to do. The…
  • I have a BT retail box which is not in line to receive the latest software update with BritBox onboard. This morning I bought a BT T2200 box I didn't need just so I could watch BritBox. Two YouView boxes and NEITHER have BritBox. I have tried manual updating the T2200 many, many times, and I have factory reset it many…
  • I have a BT retail box which was not on the list yet for an update to the software which has BritBox. I bought a BT T2200 box today so I could watch BritBox. Guess what. It's not there. The box says it has the latest software :angry: Why do I have to wait? How long before I can watch BritBox? I hate these phased roll outs.…
  • Yes, my Freeview Play box was a straight swap for my BT YouView box. I have it set to the same 1080p resolution and the same input. I have a Panasonic plasma panel which displays images with an almost analog quality and I have as much digital processing turned off as possible - I have high standards when it comes to video…
  • I decided to buy a Humax FVP-4000T after using YouView from day one. I have a BT box but fancied a change. I read so many negative reviews on the FVP-4000T but reading between the lines I realised that most bad reviews were a result of user error, poor Freeview signal or inflated expectations. I like the extra…