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  • That's superb news. Particularly as I have just cancelled BT broadband and TV and apparently the £5 tv subscription and the BT broadband contract has no effect on the functionality of the Humax YV box. Great news! I can use it in another room WITH N…
  • So if Sky+ allows recording of 2 channels at the same time, how many more can YV record? Not that this thread is about that. I agree with your old film comment, but Netflix has some good old films on demand and some great TV box sets. There is no…
  • pointless waiting for this any longer. I am ditching YouView partly for this reason. I just don't want an additional box just for the catch-up services. Plus, I think YouView's USP is a great idea poorly executed. Scrolling back in time in the guide…
  • I agree that YouView is good. Better value than Sky+. However, almost because of this I want Netflix and other on demand streaming services as apps accessible from it's box to save the clutter and hassle of being forced to use other platforms or hav…
  • For me YouView have until my subscription to BT Infinity runs out. BT have infuriated me further with YouView. Apart from no Netflix etc. BT restrict access to other channels on YouView such as FOX unless I have at least 12 months to run on my contr…
  • Quite simply, if Netflix or LF instant don't appear on the Youview ondemand section, I will ditch the box as soon as my BT contract is up. Youview are missing a trick here. Many customers want this functionality instead of having to rely on yet anot…