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Hi, regarding the Roku remote poor battery life - does your Roku power down between uses or does it remain powered the entire time? If the former, that could be the source of the issue - I had it too. I read on a different forum that when the Roku is powered off the remote can then no longer "find" it and goes into…
Interesting, thanks Roy. Further investigation shows I've actually got 2 years of thumbnails and not 1 as I originally thought, on my T2000. The oldest with an image is Tues 5th May 2020, and pretty much everything has an image up to that point. The next-oldest recording is Sun 29th March 2020 and there is no image on…
Not sure on that one either. Although I noted the thumbnails drop off after some time also (looks to be about a year, I have thumbnails going back to last May and nothing for anything older than that) so it will be interesting to see whether the same happens on the Manhattan. Interestingly however it turns out not all…
I'm not sure either of them needs to create the thumbnails so both Dusty and his dog can put their feet/paws up. I have a YouView box and more recently a Manhattan T3-R (due to the sluggishness introduced by the recent "enhancements") and where I have the same programme recorded on both, they appear to share the same…
My BT 2110 Youview box suffered the same problem a while back. I left it completely unplugged for a couple of days before deciding to give it one last try and it sprang back into life, so all may not be lost just yet, maybe just give it a day or two powered off and try again.
  • Hi, When you say "new" box... are you replacing an old one? the recordings would still be on that, they do not move to the new box.
Yes, whilst I appreciate the almost-return of the much-missed jump-to-time feature, I find I activate it accidentally more often than intentionally. I used to love Youview. It had a great interface, and was responsive. I even got used to the tiles, in the end. But each successive update has chipped away at my fondness…
  • Just tried the same on BT TV app (also non subscriber) on Huawei P30/Android 10 (I think) and also working fine there for me.
  • I would also say maybe leave it powered off completely for a day or two; I have one which similarly stopped showing any sign of life despite several power cycles etc... ended up leaving it off for a couple of days then thought I'd give it one last go - on it came as if nothing was ever wrong.
Quite irritated that the new UI, clearly designed then with this faster machine in mind, has been foisted upon older boxes with less capable hardware, very much to their detriment. I have both a Humax T2000 and a BT DTR2110, both of which were perfectly zippy and responsive until the latest interface update which…
  • Hi, I don't use NowTV through the BT box but I have had problems getting it to load on an LG TV the last few days, so could be an issue with NowTV rather than the box itself?
I think you can reset the remote back to controlling the Youview box volume, also I have a vague recollection of being able to override TV control temporarily by holding the AD button or something like that. Personally, I'm not sure why anyone would want to alter the volume on the box? I appreciate people have…
  • I had this same issue the other day but on a Humax T2000 box. It followed deleting some shows from series stacks. I think it was newer shows that I'd seen elsewhere leaving older unwatched ones in the stack. I noted that backing out of the stack left me in an unexpected place in the MyTV page - ie not on the top-level tile…
  • Contains an image of the box and remote
  • From the link: New remote A new Bluetooth remote offers a quicker, smoother experience [...] Is it actually any smoother and quicker, or is it just quick relative to the speed the current boxes have been reduced to with the latest update?
You get the darkened screen for about 5 seconds, then it clears to leave an un-polluted still image.
  • I would venture that it's more button presses now because it's so flippin' slow to react that you press again thinking it didn't register only for it to overshoot what you were after and then have to go back again. Never had this problem before.
it's not just you I'm afraid... cluttered and obviously a complete shock to anyone who doesn't frequent these pages and the team at Youview REALLY need to take note of this
  • I have noticed this also on my T2000, several times. It seems to be when you're watching a recording from the "top level" menu for want of a better description, rather than going into the full My TV page. If a recording was already underway in the "newest" (position 1, leftmost) when I move onto the MyTV Line, and I select…
  • Oh great, mine's teetering on the edge as it is, this will probably tip it right over :(
Stephen, If the team are looking to make some changes that would actually be useful, personally I would find the ability to resume my most recent part-watched RECORDED content quickly. I've got 5 or 6 pages of recordings on my box, and will often want to watch the most-outstanding stuff further down; it'd be great to…
  • Hi, All might not be lost yet... Mine (same model) had the same problem a few months back. Left it powered off but tried to power it up a few times throughout the day to no avail. Magically the next day when I tried again it sprang into life and has been OK since. Fingers crossed...
  • I would politely suggest that if people are now struggling to find their recordings and otherwise operate their boxes after the update then the team at YouView Towers has failed in their UI design. At the very least, when changes are imposed on users without their express agreement in advance then a page needs to be…
  • @Sarah Whilst I appreciate that YouView "aim to create a more personalised experience to help you browse and find TV shows and films that are relevant to you", what I want to personalise is how this main menu screen appears, or even if it appears at all, on my box that I purchased. These are the same points that were…
  • So a shiny new home screen, but STILL after all this time the recordings - my main reason for buying a recordable box - remain several clicks away, whilst the Guide, which already has its own dedicated button on the remote, is still first. Can anyone please explain this logic...
  • My 2p... I will continue to use a PVR (Youview or other) to view terrestrial content, rather than catch-up streaming, for as long as possible for several reasons: 1. Skipping the ads, as mentioned above 2. Picture quality is pretty grim (or it was, last time I tried) certainly not HD quality (with the exeption of BBC…
  • Is the password rejected on your Youview device only? And if so, can you access the other apps? Can you access All4 via the website?
  • Hi, Youview boxes can often be had from the likes of CEX and ebay, often unused or refurbished. Or the Manhattan T3-R seems well-reviewed and from the screenshots looks to have a very similar appearance to Youview, at least in the TV Guide.
  • Hi Claire, My box has had that same problem once or twice - ie won't play a series recording - but in my case I don't recall any issue wiht the remote at the time i think it was just one of those things. It did sort itself out in the end, I think I had to reboot the box though, so that might be worth a try - hold the…
  • @Sarah any chance these sections can be made configurable in a future update? With an ever-growing menu it's getting more cluttered, I don't want Sport or Kids sections, nor even Films or TV shows to be honest, it'd be good to have the option to turn these off