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@glee This might be pointing to the issue described in:- one of the postings in the thread @"Louise Murdoch" referred us to. Can you give the router change described there a go?
  • @kodikid You can’t very well brew a conspiracy on YouView users’ walls. They’re public 😛 And please do follow up on the references that @jimb has made, before nailing your colours to any sinking mast…..
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@TIME4TV We’re not clear if you are here just to have a pop at YouView as the latest manifestation of a longtime troll, or a genuine new poster with a genuine issue. And although you are perfectly entitled to be both, it’s probably best to separate the request for help from the opinion-giving. @Stevef_fr8ys and I are…
@jimb You think this is D J BILINGS again?
Always good to recognise a kindred spirit…..
  • A new broom sweeps the wrong floor 😛 Here’s the link to @Stevef_fr8ys’ good remedial suggestion:-
@TIME4TV Er, have you come across the new BT Pro YouView box? That is a tolerably recent innovation.
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@robin0800 @glee My first response to the above was “but it is messed up” 😛 My second would be to query whether a firmware update could take place without being the equivalent of a factory reset? The third as to whether the router arrived in a sealed box, or an opened box or what, and do we really think that HighNet,…
  • @TIME4TV The quote that @jimb refers to, “We look forward to announcing new TalkTalk TV products powered by YouView soon”, was on the record, and attributable. May I ask for the same burden of verification of what you report above? With some idea of the context in which the statements were made? Not disputing, just…
  • @glee A useful further option will be to seek the hospitality of a friend, or a family member if any live nearby, who use a different ISP from yours, and try your YouView box(es) between their router and their TV, and see if it can connect to the internet there. If it can, with no trouble, then you can go back to HighNet…
@mhar Maintenance Mode Option 5 is a full Factory Reset, and is the same as the Factory Reset in Settings, which you probably can’t get to in the current circumstances. But putting in a replacement hard drive and having the box format it and set up partitions should result in a healthy box exiting Maintenance Mode and…
  • FANtastic!
@Sonsdad YouView boxes fail in all sorts of ways, for all sorts of reasons, and one of the ways is that they no longer connect to the internet. So yes, in that way, it’s a known fault. But the issue could be software, or configuration, or hardware. Or even, as with one ongoing case at the moment, what looks like a…
@kodikid Incorporated, but not subsumed:- ‘ITVX will integrate BritBox U.K. although the latter best-of-British offering will remain a “separate entity” within the app and require a paid subscription.’
@kodikid I think none of us have enough time to judge for ourselves all the content that is out there, so we absolutely rely on word of mouth, or at best on a reviewer whose opinions we have tended to agree with in the past. You can’t even judge things on the first five minutes; for instance, you would think La La…
And possibly The List of Adrian Messenger, thought that is just about a man who leans to one side….😛
  • @mhar And I certainly wasn’t calling you Panglossian - just anyone who would try to reassure you that no action was necessary, or to dissuade you from investigating or replacing a probably failed fan. Which I am pleased to see you are going to do, as well as attending to the badly applied thermal paste. I have no idea of…
  • @jonesh Anything built down to a price, as you put it, with a fan in, must need that fan, or they would save money by not supplying one. Anything that needs a fan, even if only from time to time, will suffer if the fan does not work. Even if the fan not working is caused by a box fault, rather than the other way round, the…
@kodikid So T4000s have a fan because they get hot, and yours runs often enough to have you remark on the noise it makes? And @mhar has a box where the fan doesn’t run, the heat sink gets too hot to touch, and the board underneath it seems to be baking? And he has expressed his concerns here, but you are bent on…
  • So on @mhar’s box, it is overheating, but the fan never comes on. On @kodikid’s box, the heat is still there, but less, perhaps, and the fan is noisy. Would it be too simplistic to suggest that perhaps the problem with @mhar’s box is that the fan or its circuitry is broken?
@zulu17 A good thought - but then hooking in the laptop probably wouldn’t work either, but it did….
@glee Two blue lights means it’s connected to the Hub. Not necessarily any further 😢 The test with another YouView box is significant. Did the firmware update involve a Factory Reset of the…
@Anaglypta A very useful display from the Fritz box, then, telling us what it doesn’t do, but not what it does do 😛 I suspect with FTTP then, if it is anything like my BT setup, there will be another box between the fibre and the router, with no user serviceable parts inside, linking them with an Ethernet cable.
  • @glee And you did turn the WiFi Off on the laptop? So either your YouView box is on the fritz, even though it was alright before and a reboot should make it look afresh at the new setup, or there is something awry at the, possibly with its configuration, possibly with the box, possibly with OpenDNS blocking the…
  • @glee Mine has the details on a label underneath it, saying DTR-2110, and yours might too. It might be a DTR-T2100, but either is close enough at this stage. I’d like to see what that first page showed… If you try to browse to on a laptop, I guess you do get to the Fritzbox? I have managed in the past to get…
@glee That’s not a number I recognise as a YouView box model, though it may be some other part of the box’s identity. Find it here:- and tell us what it is. Next, what do you see when you go to Settings/Broadband Connection on the box,…
So the wall is public, anyone can read it, anyone can write on it, including me on my own wall. So it’s a third thing, somewhere between PMs and Community postings. But what function does it fulfil that those don’t?
@Visionman My ‘wall’ seems to be under the Activity box in Home/Profile/Activity…
  • Greetings @glee and welcome to the Community! Which model of YouView box do you have? Were you using OpenDNS before the switchover, or is this a new thing? But firstly, reboot everything, starting at the router, then the PLA at the router end, then the PLA at the YouView end, and then finally the YouView box. And reboot…
@jonesh Do you expect me to take that lion down? 🦁