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  • Greetings @annemackenzie19 and welcome to the Community! Is this on a YouView box, or a YouView-equipped Sony Android TV? If it is on a TV, you need to go back through the setup, and accept the Sony and YouView Terms & Conditions individually. …
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  • Greetings @leena and welcome to the Community! You’ve changed the plug, and the cable is fine, but I would guess that the signal coming down it is the wrong sort. What you describe sounds like a satellite connection, and I am reckon that if you lo…
    in Aerial connection Comment by Roy 7:47AM
  • @NoshyQ73 np.... 🙂
  • Sorry, PowerLine Adaptors!  I did use the full name the first time I referenced them, but life is too short to keep typing that 😛
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The received advice is to reboot in the sequence router/router end PLA/YouView box end PLA/YouView box, giving each device a chance to settle down and become stable again before rebooting the next device along. It might be well wor…
  • @NoshyQ73 How is/was the upstairs box connected to the router? My first suspicion would be that it is via a pair of PowerLine Adaptors, and these need a reboot also.
  • @"John L" @noelg ITYM without aerial lead?
  • @sfooter To amplify what @jonesh is saying, this error message is itself displayed in error, across a wide range of releases. And has been for ages. How long can it take to reverse a missing, or a superfluous, ‘Not’, for goodness’ sake?
  • @Simes As our recording schedules seem to be getting restored from a YouView server when we do an MM reset, it’s possible that even without one, that server noticed a discrepancy between what it held, and what your box held, and corrected this. P…
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Watching the repeats,@Visionman........?
  • Indeed so - kudos to @Luke Another one for the armoury then - LG TVs can be swamped by the slight amplification that YouView boxes apply on Loopthrough. I’ve never come across this - have you seen it before, @Luke, or was this just an educated gues…
  • I think you will find that the box will have updated itself on startup, and, as with the rust, will conform to the latest specs 😛
  • @OldGoatie I tried this, but it wants me to do some complicated sign in. Stuff that. But it didn’t crash, that far. What exactly are you trying to watch, and how far do you get? Might be worth trying the 8-second soft reset, see if that clears …
  • Nobody thinks that @Hosay299’s post above must have broken an NDA?
  • TalkTalk triallists must think NDA means Notify Damn’near Anybody...
  • @Madcotto StretchyVision hasn’t come up for a while, though YouView still aren’t following the recommendations that a ‘4:3 in 16:9‘ signal should be flagged as such so that the TVs of those who want it get a clue as to when to provide it. And we …
  • @fred_b1ogg You can consult the YouView Help, which tells you both what the message means, and what you should try in order to fix it:- I have managed, in the past, to make a Yo…
  • @Madcotto Welcome again! Martin is no longer in evidence, but the hardcore of the OG (AKA the usual suspects) are still around; not necessarily with the same handle, though. But as the French say, plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose; and ind…
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YouView’s algorithm for who gets what when in a phased release seems to be a closely guarded secret, and it varies too; sometimes I get an update quite early in the release, and sometimes rather later. So I don’t think it necessari…
  • @Simes Excellent post; I wish everybody could state their problem so clearly and comprehensively.. I suspect you don’t have a generic Humax problem, and the issue is not to do with tuning; you may have some slightly deranged software, or more ser…
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Yes, it’s a wiki. You can read the About Us if you want to know more. If you follow that Note 6 against Sony Movies removal on 22 June, though, you actually reach the current 792 duplicate, with a removal date of 2 June. I have ab…