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  • Hi @"Tim C" We contacted BT about this and they're already aware and investigating after you raised it on their forum as well so I think they'll update you privately or on the thread there once they have anything to share(thread for reference for anyone else with this issue). Thanks, Sarah
Hi @"Deke W" We weren't aware that BT had changed the links for this page, I've now updated it with the link you posted so that the correct link is there. Thanks, Sarah
  • Hi all, There's an ongoing issue with Channel 4 at the moment which means that not all services are working as expected, these include issues such as content not being delivered to All4 to watch on demand. More information on this can be found here. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @"Chris A." Can you let us know which channels this is happening with? Thanks, Sarah
Hi @tc99 Welcome to the forum :) We're aware of an issue with All4 where some VOD content is not available through the app due to an outage at Red Bee. We'll update here once we get any new information. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @Pbbt If you're not able to get into maintenance mode, are you able to perform a full factory reset via settings instead? Thanks, Sarah
  • Hi @JOES Just to update, ITV have resolved this issue. I've tested a few Midsomer Murders episodes and haven't been able to replicate this issue again so it does look like it's been fixed as expected. Please let us know if you encounter the same issue at all and we can look into it further :) Thanks, Sarah
Hi Robin, Thanks for confirming. We started rolling this software out a few weeks ago however it's been paused for now and we've started rolling out a different version instead. We're not too sure why your box picked up the version we stopped rolling out however it's not an issue for your box to have that one instead…
Hi @croze Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know the following information: * Your YouView box model - can be found in Settings > Box information * The software versions your box is running on - can be found in Settings > Software information * What internet provider you are using Thanks, Sarah
Hi @Vici Had you tried a full factory reset on your box or just a maintenance mode reset which keeps your recordings? If you've only tried the maintenance mode version, we'd recommend trying the full factory reset as this should fix the issue however you will lose your recordings. More info…
Hi Robin, Did the box update yesterday or is that when it said it last checked for updates? Thanks, Sarah
  • Hi @robin0800 The T4000 isn't classed as a retail model as you can only get it via a subscription from BT (excluding 2nd hand sellers). Did you buy it recently? Is your box part of a trials group? When you check the software page in settings, it should say if it's part of a 'feedback' group if it is. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @dogzodiac Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know the following information: * Youview box model - Can be found in Settings > Box information * Software versions the box is running on - Can be found in Settings > Software Information * Examples of content this is happening with so we can test them on…
  • Hi @jimb This was a bug which we raised with Vanilla as we were getting emails whenever a user would edit their posts. They've informed me that this should now be resolved however if you still experience the same issue, please let me know and we can feed this back to them. Thanks! Sarah
  • Hi @JOES Thanks for this information. We've managed to replicate the issue a few times on different Midsomer Murders episodes on ITV Hub so we've raised it with our Content Team who will reach out to ITV so they can investigate. We'll let you know if we have any updates :) Thanks for raising this with us, Sarah
  • Thanks for all the detail @JOES, we'll have a go at testing this on a few devices on our end to see if we can replicate it. Just to clarify, does this happen on the ads before the programme starts as well or just the ones at the ad breaks during the programme? Thanks, Sarah
Hi @JOES Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know the box model you are using and the software versions it's running on? These can be found by going to Settings > Box information and Software Information. It'd also be helpful to know some examples of pieces of content this has been happening on so we can…
  • Sorry, the post has now been edited. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @malpolly We would recommend that you sign into the TalkTalk forum and let them know about the issues you're experiencing there as well. The team are good at picking up on issues quickly, doing checks and are very helpful. You can find the forum here. We hope they can get this issue sorted for you. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @NannyII We can't be sure whether it's an issue with the TV or with the app. Unfortunately, STV don't tend to take further action with NW-1 errors as the issue usually points to an issue with the user's network rather than an issue with the app. We've suggested a factory reset as this can wipe away any strange bugs…
Thanks for this information! The NW-1 errors usually point to a network issue with the device rather than the app itself. We'd suggest factory resetting your TV as this can sometimes fix odd issues that pop up like this one you're experiencing. Let us know how you get on :) Thanks, Sarah
Hi @NannyII Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know the following info: * Full Sony TV model * Sony Software version * STV app version (if you're able to get into the app to check) * If you are able to use other apps through YouView on the TV You can usually find the TV model and software details in the…
Hi @surwas Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know your YouVew box model along with the software versions it's running on? This can be found by going to Settings > Box Information and Software Information. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @braysoj1 Welcome to the forum :) We can see that you've contacted us and BT on Twitter and BT have responded, have they been able to assist you with this issue at all? Thanks, Sarah
Hi @craig78 With the box putting itself into maintenance mode without you initiating it, we would recommend that you carry out a full factory reset as this usually resolves these types of issues. We appreciate that this isn't the most convenient thing since it will delete your recordings however it does usually help…
  • Hi @zulu17 Thanks for raising this! Our content team took a quick look but unfortunately as this piece of content has expired, it makes it a little tricky to raise with ITV. If you get any further examples of this happening again, please let us know and we can pass the info on to get looked into :) Thanks, Sarah
  • Hi @Mjolinor @"Rob P" This is an issue we're aware of and is being worked on at the moment. Once it's resolved it'll be added to a future software release. Thanks! Sarah
  • Hi @NORMA12 Welcome to the forum :) Can you please let us know which YouView box model you are using? This can usually be found by going to Settings and scrolling down to 'Box Information' or alternatively, it's usually printed onto the back or bottom of the box. Thanks, Sarah
Hi Jasper, If your box is still stuck, can you try giving the box a reboot to see if this helps at all? This can be done by pressing and holding the power button on the top of the box for about 8 seconds. Thanks, Sarah
Hi @antman666 This does change the menu layout, the changes to the menu can be seen here. The T1000 devices will not be receiving this update. Thanks, Sarah