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  • Quick message I'm getting the same with TalkTalk Huawei box, 732 will not play, but if you scroll back to RNIB and go back to 732 LBC it will then play.   I have to use Freeview play built into my TV as so many problems with Youview-TalkTalk Huawei,…
  • I've lost a lot of channels BBC news, channel 4+1 and others and on channels I can get picture often breaks up. I'm using a shared system in flats, I like youviewYouview-TalkTalk but may have to leave go with satellite box.  Management of flats won'…
  • I will monitor for the next 3 days and report how the signal with SV9601 one for all is performing.   The management company that has control of the Aerial system are poor, think i have seen him on rogue traders but not 100%, but hopefully the ONE F…
  • Just got the one for all booster SV9601 and it appears to be better, not picked up all the channels such as local channel 8 London Live but not worried if i have that, would be nice, but the others that were missing have now come back, signal streng…
  • another example:  why is it  i can get LBC 732 on my TV but through the box it picks up channel but no sound output,  do you think the booster will fix this? ——— Roy added:-  Thats unusual, and may be a different issue. Normally, you can get sound o…
  • Thanks Roy, you are a * STAR with your advice, I should be getting one latter today - will update late afternoon as to how i am getting on.   I will purchase a one for all booster, If anyone wants to donate to my escape from a flat with a communal a…
  • Roy thank you for your advice,  I am considering buying the one for all SV9601 signal booster what do you think, it is £11.99 from Argos,  the problem living in flats is that I do not own the aerial and it is tough trying to get the managing agents …