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  • I must agree with Honest1 that the Youview website needs an overhaul and make it relevant to Todays TV, the site has not been updated in years. I agree with the others the BT app is good but not made for TalkTalk or retail boxes as it highlights all the BT channels you can get that retail and TalkTalk can't. It's a bit…
  • I must agree with Honest1 that it is tired the website, makes no sense sense for TalkTalk to use BT app as BT has a different lineup of TV channels.
  • Britbox is OK but I wish I got it at £2.99 a month I pay a little more.
  • No new Youview products with TalkTalk im told by TalkTalk they purchased origin broadband out of administration, took on their NetGem boxes. This was mentioned by a senior CEO staff member. We are a broadband company and focusing on faster fibre and full fibre and moving away from TV, our 4k boxes via Netgem are a token…
  • TalkTalk CEO senior advisor Said no new products due with youview as they purchased Origin Broadband out of administration and took control of their stock of Nergem 4k boxes cheaply as the company origin was in debt. Origin still trade under same name but owned by TalkTalk who say YouView is for existing customers but new…
  • None of the above makes sense strange forum, I thought it was meant to be about "YouView"
  • The Manhattan TR3 has 4k ability, unlike YouView-TalkTalk. The Guide looks very similar to the YouView but has the mini tv in the corner like YouView had before it was removed which looks better with it. The remote looks slightly better than TalkTalk Youview one. It is very similar to YouView and looks like it is based on…
  • Tim C - Last time I spoke with Manhattan they were in the process of testing a remote record app and this was 3 - 4 months ago, maybe they scrapped it but I will check with them next week and let you know what they are saying. The Freeview recorder with Manhattan does look good as does the Humax Freeview Recorder (android…
  • I spoke to a member of the CEOs office, not a desk or a chair or any other object but a person and he said "I have checked with several departments and no one is aware of any new products coming soon, the post was not written by TalkTalk in the media and not officially by us, we no longer offer a recordable YouView box and…
  • I am considering getting a Manhattan freeview play box as this now comes with remote record a UK helpline and the guide look similar to YouView with a mining TV screen in the guide just like YouView had on first release but decided to removed it. If YouView is going to get some improvements I will stay as I like how it…
  • If new products are coming soon with TalkTalk why do talk talk not know about it. If the service will end in 2024 I doubt much investment will come to YouView I hope it does as it was once a great product but has gone stale last 3 years or so. Is there a future.for youview, I hope so but don't see it.
  •  In answer to Roy I spoke yesterday to the TalkTalk CEO office who said no new products, we no longer offer recordable TV, people can keep existing box but new boxes not being issued as recordable is no longer with talk talk. He then went on about 4k Netgem. He said if new products coming soon the CEO team would have notes…
  • I agree with honest 1 comments the website is dated, the boxes are slow and remote record app gone with TalkTalk and no longer any youview retail boxes sold. I read ITV and others have agreed funding until 2024 but this will just pay the staff costs, doubtful new products or services will come to YouView as hardly any…
  • Sorry if my message was in the wrong part it's not easy to navigate this forum on my phone. No offence meant just wanted to ask a question.
  • What is going on with Youview the website no longer updated, talk talk no longer offer recordable boxes, the remote record app discontinued with TalkTalk and YouView and no new products and services. Has YouView given up.
  • When speaking with TalkTalk today about new products coming soon, they said the future no new products coming soon and the manager said the YouView service is finished and we are doing Netgetm. He said between now and 2024 we are slowly ending things with YouView.
  • Speaking with TalkTalk today they have said the recordable boxes will be no longer with TalkTalk, existing customers can still use them but updates for the like of ITV Hub will not be updated as much. The box technically I was told today discontinued but you can access it for now but updates for the players may be slow. I…