• Thanks Sarah. I appreciate your response. Will do! 👍
  • Hi Sarah I have 51% free space available. Interestingly I deleted the scheduled recordings and then set them up again and there is no error message showing at the moment! 😕 Perhaps I was a little presumptuous in contacting you! 😦
  • Hi Sarah thank you for your response. The 2 programmes were/Jett on Sky 1 at 10pm tonight I have no other programmes scheduled for this time. The second programme was The Rookie on Sky Witness at 9pm on Thursday I do have another recording scheduled for the same time on BBC1 and another programme on Sky Witness scheduled…
  • An update my scheduled recordings reappeared on the 7th of August and as of today are still showing! Not sure if this information is of any use to Youview, but I would update you in case it is. 
  • My scheduled recordings have now returned! I have not actually done anything they have just appeared! Have Youview solved the issue? 
  • Hi Louise thanks for your response I did consider doing the maintainance reset, but was hoping it could be resolved without having to try something that may not work andwouldreult in mehaving to reschedule all my recordings. 
  • Hi I am also having the same issue! I went into my TT Tv last night and there were no scheduled recordings showing even though I had several programmes set up to record! I have been down and checked and it is actually recording even though it states there are no programmes scheduled! While I am pleased that it is actually…