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  • Oh you get there in the end, but its definitely not as simple and user friendly as the Netflix menu. And I've never seen anything thats as quick, simple and easy to use as a YouViews.
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  • Its a gltch/blip in the forum software. Such that I've lost count of the number of innocent posts Roy has had whisked away (but always put back). Also the forum team don't work weekends. robotman said: I'd read elsewhere this forum was bei…
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  • The Amazon menu on a YouView is awful compared to Netflix. I find it awkward to use and not that easy to find stuff as the only content that gets pushed to me is the category I mainly watch, which is sci fi. I wouldn't mind seeing other top suggesti…
  • Here are Netflix's own recommended download speeds - Below are the internet download speed recommendations per stream for playing TV shows and movies through Netflix. * 0.5 Megabits per second - Required broadband connection speed * 1.5 Megabit…
  • Joe said: I'm with Plusnet (just fibre, no tv), and have a retail T2000 box. There's no Amazon Prime on my box yet.   Amazon hasn't been rolled out to retail boxes yet. I don't know why.
  • Some of the jokes on here are awful. I love 'em !
  • Hi everyone. It looks like I've given duff info. When I'm wrong I'll say I'm wrong and I was wrong. I believed BT Sports FA Cup coverage announcement was to be made the day after the BBCs, ie midday yesterday, only it didn't happen. So... sorry aga…
  • The above was a joint BBC/BT announcement. BT haven't said anything independently yet. 
  • Both the BBC and BT have renewed their FA Cup football coverage partnership for a further 4 seasons until 2024 - 2025. The deal includes increased coverage of live g…
  • scott> "it should be easy to put the Amazon player on the retail boxes but it hasn’t happened so I would think that is down to commercial arrangements (why Amazon would be against it is beyond me) which makes NowTV (sky) a whole barrel of issues …
  • Your possibly and probably correct, scott, as the original press release said this - BT TV customers will be able to sign up for all of NOW TV’s top quality content, including Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic. A package which should be a lot cheaper th…
  • @dreamtime - you don't think this forum is helpful?
  • Tim C said: Goodbye said:  Changed it to goodbye as I no longer wish to contribute to this forum. It really is uninviting and openly hostile. One can only guess at the amount of potential  contributors scared off by the uncalled nasty …
  • Try logging out of Netflix then logging back in. Whats your internet speed via powerline?
  • I wasn't commenting on your comment Stevef, and nor did I wish to imply such, so no probs.
  • peterc said: Hi, I have a account with talk talk for phone, broadband, TV. I have recently removed TV from my package and they said I can keep the box. My question is, can I connect the box to the internet without being charged by TT ?  Y…
  • scott said: @Roy of course it is always dependant on what you want. Personally having all the sports channels available and recordable would be a benefit to what all the apps can offer for me (I know BT offer the main channel but this is to muc…
  • Yes - see here -
  • I'm sorry but your posts are coming across as nonsensical. You started by declaring one thing, "silence is deafening" then switched to another, "I take the recording thing with a massive pinch of salt" and now switched it to a third. Do you ultimate…
  • youpoo said: No not at all. It just appeared in the Initial hype and suddenly it was an expectation.  But honestly why would sky the master's of squeezing money out of people give away it's usp. Why do you think being able to record som…
  • youpoo said: I take the recording thing with a massive pinch of salt.  What do you mean? That they are lying? 
  • My own view is I agree with you. All the press releases have leaned towards it will be a BT exclusive, without actually stating it. Its the technical delivery that fascinates me. If they put Now TVs channels onto and into the Guide that means they w…
  • scott said:  I think the best chance is if the player is updated which might allow that to happen on retail. What do you mean scott?
  • redchiz & Stevef are correct, youpoo. This new charge has an opt-out option so no need to pay it at all.
  • "But as @Visionman says, no need to pay monster prices to get good ones." I see what you did there!  
  • No need for that. Just buy a shielded HDMI cable and that should sort it. They cost about a fiver.
  • I wonder what happened to TalkTalks month to month contracts as YouView was meant to be?
  • Is that logging in and out via a laptop/PC? 
  • steve23094 said: Any idea why it’s continuously polling and never successful?  Come to think of it... the EPG is blank, so that’s not working either.  Is it connected to the internet? If not thats why.