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Sorry if I was unclear: I believe this is in no way a YouView problem; the fault lies entirely with NowTV/Sky failing to fix their sh*te app while still charging full price for sports passes. All other apps on YV work well.
Hello @visionman, yes I have: on laptop/smartphone/tablet the stream is solid therefore it can only be the NowTV app which is garbage. And seeing as 1) my broadband speeds are very healthy and 2) watching on my tv via YouView is the most efficient method - a complete pain to connect the others, and I pay PlusNet for…
I wish that was true, Ken - my DTRT2120 still has all the issues. Interestingly, when I demanded a refund from NowTV after months and months of near-unwatchable Sky Sports (not 'Boost') they offered £9.99 to put toward another pass. (?!) I take that as tacit admission that the app is not fit for purpose. Some might…
I have. As well-documented on here in the past; Now TV on a laptop or mobile works properly: it is the app on the YouView platform which is utter garbage.
Do we think this update will address the Now TV app simply terminating after anywhere between 2 minutes and 2 hours, for no reason?
Hi @Sarah, The unit is a Plusnet rebadged Humax DTRT2120. Config info: Variant: 84B08520 Component software: 3.6.236(7bc855) Manufacturer software: 32.47.0 Platform configuration: 4720 (3c18908d) ISP configuration: 1166 Regards, Andy
Hi Tom, unfortunately I haven’t been able to do that - router is in another room and I don’t have a 20m+ Ethernet cable. By the way, I don’t pay have NowTV in HD; just the standard service. No way would I fork-out a further £3.99 (‘Boost’?) for this ****.
Hello Tom, I could go along with that idea, however: 1) My YV box is connected to the router by ethernet cable, fed from a Powerline connector which has two ports - another device on the 2nd port works correctly/continuously so I know that b'band connectivity is not the issue 2) Every single app on the YV box except…
Hi Roy, the maintenance mode reset went off without a hitch, but the NowTV disgrace continues. For the record I currently work with tv production equipment, and I know a bit about video codecs and transmission.Also, in a previous life I worked in IT including networks. My broadband connection is reliable and more than…
  • I too have problems with Sky Sports via the NowTv app on a Plusnet-supplied YouView+ box: at different time I get audio dropouts, sound and picture out-of-sync, total freezing of the YV+ box, and multiple YVM102's and YVM104's. I'm really fed-up with restarting the box and/or my router; I typically see 50-65 mbps on the…
  • In the past week I emailed Britbox (again) asking about release on YouView, the response: "Thank you for contacting Britbox! We plan on releasing Youview within the first few months of this year! We're happy to email you once support for YouView becomes available unless you prefer that we didn't." So clearly it was never…