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  • Accenture apparently had a major role in the delivery of BT Sport also. Mr Tuma seems to be a man of many hats. http://youtu.be/eeJIo21jpCw
  • Our comments have crossed again. I think the reason the PR stuff seems so at odds with how things turned out is largely because in order to get it launched they quietly jettisoned a lot of stuff that had been talked about previously.
  • Basically the BBC man was dumped and a BT Vision man and an Accenture man were appointed, all on the same day. Explains a lot. They clearly had to do something, to get it launched. This is what they did. And here we are. Could be worse - could be a lot worse.
  • Another poignant bit of history: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/02/09/youview_2012_slip_confirmed/ Particularly the counterpoint between the comment from Anthony Rose ( "build the sucker and get it shipped ") and the comment from Halton.
  • Yes, Stormy, although the wretched software makes it look like I was replying to you, I was actually replying to Roy - specifically, to his comments on Accenture's involvement. Which I broadly agree with, just pointing out that Accenture have been there for quite some time.
  • Accenture's role has hardly been a secret. The YouView apple cart was in freefall long before Accenture climbed aboard. http://informitv.com/2010/12/08/youview-platform-loses-chief-technology-officer/
  • It's just PR. YouView's PR was always better than its tech. The matching video is quite pretty. http://www.google.com/url?q=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DX6yfmf-G3m8&sa=U&ei=l7_QU7rSDOz...
  • The app provides YouView with feedback on what people are searching for.
  • If you bought it retail, contact the seller and ask them to resolve the problem, citing the Sale of Goods Act. They should offer a repair, replacement, or partial refund (whichever suits them).
  • Postponed to late summer / autumn. See https://community.youview.com/youview/topics/how_about_suzie_buckridge_youview_director_of_product_d...
  • Depends how compelling the empirical evidence is. If boxes using the low-energy mode fail, while boxes using the high-energy mode survive, that would seem to put the ball in Humax's court to explain or explain away the apparent correlation. But that would need good evidence. That's why I said "potentially".
  • An even trickier question, potentially. A box with no usable low-energy mode would contravene EU regs.
  • A tricky one for YouView to comment on, I suspect, since a meaningful comment would need to touch on retail sales figures. And if perchance the T1000 really was inherently more failure-prone, that would surely call into question the practice of replacing a failed T1000 with another T1000.
  • Indeedy :-)
    in UHD Comment by c c 19 July 2014, 12:13PM
  • I suspect it's just quiet because there's not much news.
    in UHD Comment by c c 19 July 2014, 11:27AM
  • Check the forums, follow the Which tip you suggested to the OP, ask around among f&f? Or risk £99 plus a spare USB drive and try it out. I've been very pleased with mine.
  • And if the something else is FreeSat? Same box maker recommended. Frying pan, fire. Although there are some similarities between the YouView-Humax setup and the Freesat-Humax setup, the Freesat box manufacturers don't have to juggle the conflicting development priorities of two competing ISPs plus the entire UK FTA Who's…
  • The majority of people don't know about YouView either. Or Ultra-HD (http://advanced-television.com/2014/07/18/83-unfamiliar-with-ultra-hd/) A shocking state of affairs :-)
  • Lambs to Amazon, more like. Or even John Lewis :-) Anyway, there's also a HDD twin-tuner model, more expensive of course.
  • I would have thought plugging in a USB drive would be a doddle for most non-techies compared to getting to grips with the YouView Maintenance Mode :-)
  • Sorry I slipped into jargon mode. Good luck:-)
  • Never mind. Maybe this replacement will be okay. The newest model (DTR-T2000) is speculated to perhaps be a retail version of BT's latest YV box (DTR-T2010/T2020). There are good reports of the BT box, so if this new retail box has the same innards, it should be a much better buy than the T1000. Other than YouView, I'd go…
  • Now listed on Amazon as "available for pre-order" due for release 21 July. Maybe then we'll get some reviews. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Humax-DTR-T2000-500GB-YouView-Receiver/dp/product-description/B00LHZK2QY/ref...
  • They could still have DTR-T1000 stock Here's hoping they agree to send a newer model. Let us know :-)
  • I wouldn't want to accuse Humax of deception. If they say they don't send out refurbished boxes, I accept what they say but in that case their quality control seems deficient.The advantage of going through the retailer and relying on the Sale of Goods Act is that the retailer has obligations to you which last a lot longer…
  •  I agree, four boxes in two years = not fit for purpose. It sounds like you're being sent "refurbished" replacements, i.e. each one is a box that has already failed and been returned to Humax. I would go back to the retailer and ask them to resolve the problem, citing the Sale of Goods Act. That should get you a usable…
  • I imagine it's a question of priorities. YouView at present can't handle HTML5, which means it can't handle the BBC's Connected Red Button. YouView also can't do unicast, which means it can't stream linear channels to boxes not connected to either of the (multicast-enabled) YouView ISPs. So there's a lot of catching up to…
  • There's a very thoughtful blog piece at http://gonedigital.net/2010/12/30/how-topfield-lost-the-plot/ which gives a little rundown on how Topfield and its distributors were willing to work with users to get rid of the bugs and turn the box into a flexible PVR that could be made to do just about anything a user wanted.…
  • Yes, I know. I was replying to Peter Jackson's more general comment on the lack of a changelog or other notice to forum members when a significant "deletion event" takes place.