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  • The recording tiles pictures reappeared for me today. However I still can't reconnect to the box (BT DTR-T1000) from the app :# .
  • Same here after running a MM2 reset on my DTR-T1000 with BT Home Hub 5. Clearing App cache makes no difference.
Thanks JohnJ, the app was showing recordings that I had deleted, so I did disconnect and tried reconnecting, but with no success, hence my frustration.This seems to have occured with the latest update along with other oddities!I'm wondering whether an MM4 might produce a better result?
  • My box is no longer detected by the YV app :/ 
  • On my BT DTR-T1000 I was having lock-up problems so performed an MM2 reset. Previously I had pictures on all recording icons bar a few very old ones, but now I have none! Even recordings made after MM2 have no pictures. Scheduled recordings do have pictures. Also My TV on the main menu says that it is empty!?
  • Hadn't used any of the on demand viewers for a while but decided I would catch up on the first series of Utopia on 4oD. Once into the 4oD viewer everything started to go very slowly and eventualy locked the box up. Had to do a soft reset and when I tried again, 4oD worked fine. Tried again tonight and again the box locked…
  • Has anyone else had an email from YouView asking for more details of failed recordings? I got one from Phil last Friday and replied pretty much straight away. I got an acknowledgement today thanking me for my detailed information and that it had been forwarded to the technical team. However, it was addressed 'Dear John'…
  • Repeat of Tough Young Teachers recorded OK. What happens if the record signal comes through at exactly the same time for two scheduled programmes? Does one get missed - a possible explanation for this missed recording?
  • Surprised I didn't hear about that - I'm always up for a bargain! Based on these forums it's a pity YouView appear not to have paid much attention to the recommendations made by the triallists.
  • Tonight, BBC3 HD 8pm - Tough Young Teachers failed, but BBC2 HD Sport Relief Bake Off scheduled at the same time recorded OK. The box was in standby at the time of recording. Signal/quality is 73/100 on both channels.
  • Ok thanks, sounds like an easy way to get a free box! Maybe I should have been lurking in other forums back then.
  • I assume a Humax PVR? Did they apply or did Humax contact those who had registered their boxes via those warranty forms that I never bother with :)
  • I tried to record 'Weight Loss Ward' tonight by selecting the guide just before the program started and pressed the record button. The record symbol appeared in the guide. I went back to the TV to watch other programs and have just checked to see if the recording is there. The program is listed in Scheduled with Record…
  • I got a BT YouView box just before Christmas. The first failed recording was the F1 Review on BBC1 HD on December 28th at 1315 and I have just had two more - University Challenge and James May on BBC2 HD last night (4th January 2030 and 2100). Initially these latter two programs did not show at all in the recordings page,…