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  • Sky can afford it as they own Roku.  But John is spot on as the sub £20 Roku box is the perfect companion to your youview box. On it you will find Disney + and YouTube(no Britbox though but you'll live) and arguably a superior wi fi connection in co…
  • Allegedly to just the T2000 at the moment,  the T4000 falls into the classic youview "coming soon " category.  Stay safe 🌈
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Unfortunately you don't really get a second chance once you've lost a subscriber.  Paying customers tend not to forget a bad experience, hence the Britbox hemorrhaging of customers.  The cardinal sins of streaming is poor content an…
  • It might ask you to log in. This could be just happening to myself as I have a BT ID. If you struggle to pair your box dont give up as it does work. Stay safe 🌈
  • The BT app works fine,not as intuitive as the youview app but it works. Go to the BT tv app bypass the BT I'd (easily done,you'll soon work it out) and locate the tv guide.  For the record BT tv app works on all t2000 and 4000 machines. 
  • Dont want to sound simplistic but have you turned the box on from the back, is the socket/fuse ok, is the power cable fully engaged.  With the current pandemic obviously call centre staff are in short supply, you are in for a extremely long wait if …
  • Right hand blue light indicates broadband connection, basically if 2 blue lights are not illuminated it means you are not connected to the router.  Are you using powerline adapters?.
  • You start by looking again to try and find the quick start guide  For now here's a rudimentary guide for the 4k box    Basically plug it in to the mains Connect tv aerial to the back of the youview box HDMI cable to back of your tv then other en…
  • The spokesperson for Britbox was in a clear position to say those figures are fantasy as the official churn rate is.. They didn't which speaks volumes. 
  • Ok I was exaggerating.  It's actually 1.5% Mail online.
  • Anyone with a 4k tv will know standard definition just doesn't come across on the 4k screen, much better when the tv "upscales" HD content. For most people you're far better sticking to a good HD set then 4K as sadly most freeview/youview …
  • Only 2% carry on the subscription after the trial offer, so the assumption can be made it's truly woeful universally.  Whether they give in because of the poor content or pathetic usability is anybody's guess. 
  • Given that 99% of new TVs bought are 4k they need to make hd the norm (ie free) and start offering more UHD content. 
  • Dont think it was rushed out.  It was originally due end of 2019 on youview that then got postponed to the "2nd quarter ". Its basically a poor app in comparison to it's competitors.  Stay safe everyone. 
  • In a saturated  market with Netflix prime and Now tv, " better then nothing " is hardly applicable.  Apparently all 4 are adding content this month but the mystery remains why iplayer is exceptionally user friendly and Britbox simply isn't…
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Pity those "new" releases didn't include Disney ☹
  • It's a strange one this, why do BT think there's a connection between donating a months subscription and temporary suspension of a service their unable to provide at the moment.  They should follow Sky's example. 
  • If you're talking sports then BT are refusing to release or refund at the moment.  Sky are letting subscribers pause their sport packages till the action resumes. 
  • Therein lies the problem, never mind sanitised their not even there! Classic drama like buddha of suburbia, Funtown and Take me home, where are they? Would sign up tomorrow if the beeb raided the archives.  The Britbox premise is brilliant, the real…
  • Ana Gram Brilliant actress, couldn't find her either.  Oh dear, not supposed to refer to a female thespian as an actress, my bad☹
  • Never in their wildest dreams did Disney realise that when they launched in the UK that they would have a captive house bound audience of literally millions.  Can't see youview being their number one priority at the moment. 
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3 hours! What could you have possibly found to make you stay that long. My pet hate with it is if you watch talking pictures tv they will inform you what your about to watch contains racist/ inappropriate language that was prevalen…
  • The official line is now the second quarter (April-June) but trust me you're in for a disappointment, it's woeful usability is only matched by it's pathetic content.  Only 2% retain the subscription after the free trial.  Look up the reviews on trus…
  • Put it this way the principal owners of youview are itv and bbc who spooky also own Britbox' the same Britbox that despite launching last November is still conspicuous by its absence on youview.  Now draw your own conclusions. 
  • Video killed the radio star
  • Funny you both mention Britbox. A truly awful app, no surprise 98% bail out before the free trial ends. 
  • It will...but as is customary with youview it will be later rather than sooner. Possibly October/November, Sky haven't given a release date for it landing on Now tv and even then there's no guarantee youview would benefit.  Disney might launch a sta…
  • And those you can't I'm pretty sure that thing they call ketchup 🍅 or is it catch up ( always throws me that one) will help you out.
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Morning J The Beeb use a screen saver that is not a static image.