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  • Just wanted to update you all, I contacted Sarah,  as Roy suggested and today I have had a call from TalkTalk who are crediting my account with the full cost of the BT Youview box I bought, after apologising that I was given mis-information about ha…
  • Oh dear! I spoke too soon. A lot of the channels are missing. We appear to have the BBC channels and that's it!Panic over - i've retuned and they've turned up. 
  • Thanks for the info Roy, I've messaged Sarah as you suggested.
  • Thank you all for your patience and help - I really appreciate it. Stephen - I had to connect the HDMI cable before it would let me adjust the settings. Why does it need to be on 720 instead of 1080?(Quote) When we got transferred to TalkTalk they g…
  • I've just connected the Youview box using a scart and it's up and running, however, it's got TalkTalk TV at the top of the page. So basically I'm still connected to TalkTalk with the new box, how do get it set up with Freeview?
  • I got the Bt youview box from Amazon. Talktalk wanted to start charging for their TV so I decided to get a subscription free box leaving me free to change Broadband provider too. We had been dumped on Talktalk by Virgin media when they jettisoned th…
  • Yes, I can access it's menu, it's about 10/11 years old and it's a Polaroid FLU2632
  • The TV is working fine with the Freesat box  I have. You may wonder why I need Youview when I have Freesat, it's for the recording facility, and it was working fine with the Talktalk Youview box that I had connected.
  • No, I only have the one TV.
  • The AV button is the one that I use to select the input source and I can select any of the various inputs but fail to see the purpose??
  • I've just tried that but nothing happened when I pressed those buttons. I did notice though that during the set up just before it went to the screen with the Youview logo in the top lefthand corner it had HDMI 720p.
  • (Quote) I get as far as the Youview logo and the message "Use smart mode for faster set up", then it goes straight to the blue screen and NOT SUPPORT message. (Quote) 
I have the source set correctly. With regards retuning the TV…
  • Have plugged the aerial cable into the TV  and there's no change, just a blue screen, can't watch live TV, I'll see if I can retune TV. Stephen mentioned about it being an "awkward TV",we'll it is - it's a Polaroid and I've had problems i…
  • There's no error code. That's right I can't watch anything. I managed to get to the maintenance menu via the box itself and selected software reset but still no joy.I'm wondering if it's something to do with the TV itself.
  • I'm still with Talktalk, but I can't get to the settings. The only thing I can do with the remote is switch the box on and off. There is a permanent blue screen.