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  • Thank you for the reply Sanj. Since the update and given the volume of unhappy owners and the number of problems highlighted, I'm not sure how many would be believe the statement about 'exhaustive testing'. I really want to believe that resolving these problems is your top priority and that the new software updates really…
  • Another bug. Open recordings. Navigate to a series recording with multiple episodes.* Pressing delete, instantly deletes the selected recording without ANY confirmation. * Say, you have 5 recordings in a series and delete 2 of the 5. When you return to the main recordings screen, it incorrectly states '5' episodes when it…
  • The box is a BT Humax DTR-T2110. i have now completed a reset via the maintenance mode menu. iPlayer / ITV Player now working. However the box itself is still slow, taking several seconds (sometimes 10+) to load recordings / schedule. Guide also slow to respond, which causes you to press the up/down keys again meaning that…
  • OK. So re-done a soft reset. Again I held the power button until the box turned itself off, and then held the button for a further 30 seconds before releasing it. Box restarted. Loaded OK. Guide / Recordings / Schedule do seem bit more responsive and in turn more usable but not what I would call fast by any stretch of the…
  • I can do but..... I did the rocker switch power off, then restarted the box. When the performance was no better, and the BBC iPlayer / ITV Player were still not working,.... I then did the 'soft reset' mentioned previously. Which had no noticeable effect. Will post back once the soft reset has been done again....
  • I would say so given that it took a while to even begin to restart. Single blue light, blank screen............eventually second blue light and loading...... Before posting, I did power off using rocker switch but only waited 10-15 seconds before switching back on. TBH the update has so far ruined the best PVR I've had.
  • OK thanks. Done that now. Settngs, recordings etc, still intact. Box still really sluggish. Takes 5 seconds or so to move from page to page in recordings. Initial load of schedule took over 8 seconds to load. iPlayer and ITV Player still won't load at all. They each display a 'loading' and then appear to 'time' out and…
  • Clunky is my perception of the UI, it's not an improvement unless you like images to convey information. Take a look at the settings. It's not obvious that there are further settings off screen.
  • We have fibre broadband, and the box was fine before the update. The EPG has frozen more than once already. Changing channel by entering the channel number directly is also slow.
  • Wont i then lose my recordings, schedule, internet connection and the like?
  • BT YouView box updated yesterday to 27.47. Box has been great until this update. It's terrible. It might be HtML5 but the UI design is awful, clunky and slow. iPlayer and ITV player wont work either. Way too many clicks to achieve the same thing, images everywhere don't add anything to the user experience. It wasn't broke…