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  • I prefer the new Sky Arts and Forces TV. Space 1999, UFO, Tales Of The Unexpected, Starsky and Hutch, Buck Rogers In The 25tH Century, Wonder Woman, Columbo beats all this reality tv ordure into a cocked hat - cannot ask for better telly and all for FREE...view! .;o)
  • Try connecting the box without hdmi using rf only - i think its the hdmi control chip on the youview or tv failing probably due to corroded pins i have seen this quite a few times in my workshop on plasma tellies and Playstations xboxes etc or usually the hdmi port itself usually due to folk forcing the hdmi cable in or…
  • Just had the same problem Dennis - same time as well - happened just after the latest software update so that may be your problem not the drive. I took my drive out and attached it to my external usb tester cage and if you run a program (free) called Acronis Drive Monitor it will tell you within a few secs whether your…
Ahh i see been a long time since i read Gullivers Travels probably 30 years so you will have to forgive me!
  • No DN370T latest update its not happening only on my DN372T. DN370T has so much less functionality than the DN372T as well as being dog slow and it also does not pull in as many tv stations due to the poor tuner shielding and design!
  • Once you have used a Tivo-6 it is hard to go back to old 2 channel recorders. There is not anything that comes close for Freeview!
  • Just changed ISP from Talktalk to Virgin so that must be it then! No logo just Youview! So it now has the Retail Skin - funny as its better than the official Talktalk one! Thanks guys! PS. No idea Cat and Cucumber @Roy
  • Its not a DN370T is it? Aerial lead yes Also make sure nothing is on top of box as the rf circuit is bad for interference
  • Happening on my Talktalk youiview DN372T doesnt happen on the older DN370T Have reset the DN372T to default and rreinstalled os its still happening so its a software update bug. Unlilely to be fixed until next update which will probabyl be in another 5 months!
  • What youview box is it - Talktalk? First thing to do is make sure you have not plugged your Powerline Adaptor into a gang socket extension - plug it into a wall socket - gang sockets can cause all manner of issues! When I am fixing any issue I always ask - what was the last thing you did before it started to go wrong - did…
  • Change the cable it usually always comes down to the simplest of things.