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  • Not a BT customer, so no. I thought someone at YV Towers might be best suited to answer.
  • I know, but as this is a YouView forum, I thought the context was obvious - ie ceased to exist on YouView.
  • Roy, I agree retuning resolves the problem, but my question was more to do with why BT boxes hadn't removed the channel from the Guide, but the non-BT boxes had.
  • Thanks, Rohit. Happy to report it is now working again on my T2100. :)
  • Oh yes, I've just checked my BT T2100 (32.135.0 / 3.7.216) and when I try to launch Prime Video the screen goes black for a few seconds then goes back to the YouView menu I was at. I've tried a soft reset (hold power button for 8 seconds) and the same problem persists. I don't know how long this has been a problem as I…
  • Sorry to dig up an old thread, but usually it's better to contribute to an existing one than to start afresh. I've recently become a Netflix subscriber myself and one of the first things I noticed was that Black Mirror Bandersnatch was unplayable on my 2000s and 2100s but was fine on my fairly new Panasonic TV. Does anyone…
Sorry, not been on here for a while and I could've sworn I checked the recent threads beforehand. Dunno how I missed that massive one! Blind as a bat me, sometimes... But yeah, the mention of YouView and YouTube in the small print is of interest - both in different ways.
  • Always good to see an addition to the Players list, no matter how little it may be used. However, the fact that the BBC Sport app is to be removed on 30 Jan 2020 will make the "Apps" section look very very VERY sparse indeed!
Hmm... I genuinely thought crossing one's eyes is as painful to others as it is to me. Not excruciating pain, but the sort likened to a mild headache. The more cross-eyed, the more painful it gets. I fail to see where your "stereoscopic pairs" comes into this discussion. I thought we were talking about focussing on a…
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How on Earth do you think you know that to be true, when it isn't?
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Yes, I knew what you were trying to say and I agree to an extent, but when Dougal looks at the pixels on the smaller, closer cow, his eyeballs would be more crossed - and, when taken to the extreme, a very small, very close cow would cause quite a bit of pain. I was just being flippant really, hence the winky smiley…
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Not identical at all - unless you actually did only have the one eye. ;)
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  • I said in my previous message that the app said that my Reminder requests had been "sent to the box". I was mistaken; it said that the Reminder has been "set". Now I come to think about it, I seem to remember some discussion about this feature when it was introduced and understanding the reasoning why a Reminder set within…
  • Unless your "Watchlist" (one word) has a particularly different meaning to YouView's "Watch List" (two words), I fail to see why you introduce this into your recommendations for the YouView app. Incidentally, I tried to book a Reminder from the TalkTalk app a few times recently (just to test it, as I have never had the…
  • Hi @scott, sorry for the lateness of my reply. Yes, my T2100 does have the feature as I originally confirmed in my first post in this thread on page 1. I agree, it looks like all ISP BT boxes now have it, but not BT retail as yet, as @Rob P's testimony suggests.
  • Amazon Prime on YouView is box-specific, not ISP-specific.
  • My T2100 was on Platform Config 4430 last November and has had at least 2 more updates to its Platform Config since then (4448 and then the current 4467), whilst still remaining on 31.69.0-3.5.132. My T2200 is also currently on 31.69.0-3.5.132 with Platform Config 4467. So, from what @Rob P has said above, it would appear…
  • I agree with all that you say, but just to let you know (and I thought this was pretty common knowledge, particularly to a man of your calibre ;) ) that a BT box that doesn't have Watch List or Discover (but does have Amazon) remains like that regardless of which ISP it is connected to. Actually, I may be making an…
  • I can't speak for @jimb, but I too have just recently noticed the introduction of this feature on my T2100 and my software versions are 31.69.0 / 3.5.132 (bcf5e4) and have been since approx 13/11/18. (I keep a record of all software changes whenever I spot them changing.) The "Platform Configuration" often changes though…
  • I expect YouView to attempt another recording if the original wasn't completed, so perhaps you deleted it before its scheduled finish time? (And it's usually from the first available in the channel list, which usually, if not always, means a flippin' SD version.) What are these "lots of features" introduced to the tile…
  • I can't say I've ever noticed it. Of course I'm aware of having to press Back if you advance to the end of a currently recording programme, which is an annoyance when it really should just continue with the live broadcast as @mb1 says (a la Sky, for example). But the bug(s) which @mb1 then goes on to describe is/are new to…
  • @Sarah, I'd just like to add to the concerns about the sound after skipping. On my T2000, it behaves just like @jimb describes. Specifically, I have tried it on channel SCN with programme Droid GP: Episode 1 and on channel Planet Knowledge with programme Inside 9/11: End Game. On my T1000 I tried the same 2 programmes and…
  • On NOWTV's help pages it explicitly states:
  • Visionman said: Because what you said made no sense to me, which is, I have to say, very commonplace. @scott pretty much summed up in his reply exactly what my thoughts were, ie: Why would @Darren's NowTV account be "IP box specific"? It may well be purchased from BT, but surely the subscription is still a NowTV…
  • I could be wrong, but I'm guessing this problem has the same root cause as the issue reported multiple times during OldGen, regarding synopses inconsistencies.
Yes, I dare say that if I had chosen to retune, then it would have appeared in the EPG at once, but I was just curious how the boxes acquire new channels without a manual retune, given the apparent inconsistencies. Quest HD has now appeared on all my boxes now and that's an interesting idea about selecting another…
  • The launch of this channel has piqued my interest in how new channels arrive on the various YouView boxes. At one property, I have a Retail T2000 and a BT T1000 both on the same aerial, but Quest HD did not appear on each box at the same time, or even on the same day! And at another property, I have a Retail T2000 and a BT…