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  • How is the signal strength usually on those channels? I had an issue where all the COM7 and COM8 channels only worked with the YouView box in standby. Turned out it was interference from the HDMI lead that connects the YouView box to the TV. Try disconnecting the HDMI lead from the back of the YouView box and see if the…
  • We have the issue with HDMI vs SCART with our BT YouView box (which updated to the latest software the other day, still not resolved). Sounds like we have a similar setup. Main TV in lounge wired to the box using HDMI. Bedroom TV connected wirelessly via digisender type box (digisender connected to the YouView box using…
Yes, I also found that unplugging the HDMI lead from the box sometimes works - but you're right, its inconvenient and really not satisfactory. When I turn off our main TV (the one to which the HDMI cable is connected), it is switched off completely at the wall socket. You'd imagine that was as good as unplugging the…
  • I tried rerouting (and in fact, swapping) the HDMI cable - but still no joy. It worked on 720p, but not 1080p (presumably because 1080p generates more "data" and therefore interference?). Ghetto solution - which seems to be working so far :smile: - was to wrap the HDMI cable in kitchen foil. With that "fix" in place, I can…
  • OK - I've done some playing with the settings on the box. COM7 and COM8 are broken only when the box is set to output at 1080p. If I change the setting to 1080i or 720p, it all works perfectly. Signal quality on the COM7 and COM8 channels jumps from zero to 70%! Might the problem be caused by interference through the HDMI…
  • We have a similar weird thing with our Humax YouView box. Round here, COM7 and COM8 are broadcast at a stupidly low power level - and given we're 30 to 40 miles from the transmitter (Rowridge, Isle of Wight) picking them up becomes a real challenge. Our YouView box can't receive COM7 or COM8 basically - which means we lose…
It's been a few days since I posted this, but no response - just wondered if anyone else had noticed that HD channels no longer work via SCART? Trying to figure out if its our box that's faulty, or whether its the result of the software update. If it is the software update, is it intended functionality to disable the…
  • Anyone aware of an issue with this update that means you can no longer watch HD channels (or recordings of an HD channel) via the box's SCART connection? We have a setup where by the box is in the lounge connected to the TV using HDMI, and we have a wireless video sender (connected to the SCART socket) that sends the…
  • I have a similar issue, we live between Poole and Wimborne in Dorset, and receive our signal from Rowridge on the Isle of Wight. Using a loft based aerial and signal booster, every channel used to work perfectly. But after the two re-tune events in March and May, COM7 and COM8 have become unwatchable. COM7 works…
  • Supposing like me, you own a BT branded YouView box, but you're not a BT customer. Since they're basically the same hardware as retail (right?), is there any way of tricking the box in to believing its a retail box? I guess not, but I thought I'd ask out of curiosity :smile:
Mine updated this afternoon, so it's not been cancelled yet.