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  • @Fred  I get the same currently on (Android)  app for the Formula 1 Highlights , but the Mrs America example seems fine to me. I suspect it is either something missing or different in the  data/metadata and at this moment a recording cannot be set r…
  • Hi @Fred can you give one or two examples of a future programme and its channel where you are experiencing the problem.
  • It is surprising that Freeview have not yet issued guidance about a further retune post 30 June after the COM8 closes.Perhaps they do not wish to confuse the viewers but only providing a partial insight into the activities on the Freeview/Arqiva act…
  • It sounds like the TalkTalk Tv access charge that I believe was introduced the early part of 2019. https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/01/confusion-over-uk-broadband-isp-talktalks-stealthy-4-tv-charge.html
  • Freeview channel series links will be set by the broadcaster - Is it not the case that the BBC have different series links for the BBC 1 HD and BBC2  HD coverage live matches so for example if you set the series request on the first game (on BBC1 HD…
  • @Roy linear channel subscription content recordings on BT Tv (Youview)  need the box to be connected to the home internet and a check is made that you still have an active subscription to the channel content.  If the channel is withdrawn or you ceas…
  • Hi @MooreFamily  Not knowing what broadband (copper or fibre)  you have or the Bt Tv deal you currently  have it is difficult to give best advice. If you have been reviewing and renewing your current BT TV contract over the years then reporting your…
  • Do we have and indications as to when subtitles will be available on now Tv content on the Youview  Now Tv app please ?
  • Roy the flexible BT TV packs include BT Sport and Now TV so not just Now Tv stuff as you stated. I think a number of their ads talk about the ability to switch from Sport orientated packs to Entertainment/Film  packs.
  • a few months on now since All 4 started providing HD content on some devices. Is there any indication of it coming to Youview All4 Player ?
  • Am am I being too optimistic when I read in the announcement ” access HD content via on demand services such as All4 and My5” Does this mean that the Youview All4 and My5 players will finally have HD content ? 
  • @Mark65 BT's new logo comprising  of the letters BT in a circle started to be rolled out from about August last year. The DTR T4000 (500Gb) tends to be the loan box supplied by BT for new BT TV subscriptions at the moment on fibre broadband.
  • looks like the rollout has completed as https://support.youview.com/youview-box/software-updates/latest-software-versions/ now shows it complete for the BT retail and PlusNet variants.
  • The clipped programme on BBC 2 HD this weekend was The Age Of Shadows scheduled at 00:45 on 24/05  , it was an accurate start to the recording but ended at the EPG guide time.Probably clipped by 1 to 2 minutes based upon checking ending on Iplayer.
  • It was mentioned that there were separate issues with the BBC channels, is there an update on when these are likely to be resolved please ? There do seem to continuing issues with BBC 2 HD  (Crystal Palace) as recently as this weekend.
  • i don’t think that it is specifically NOW TV channels but any subscription or box office channel that is either not part of your current subscription or if it is part of your current subscription has not been set up yet (that setup normally only has…
  • @Roy If you opt for Channel Logos  OFF you will see the fullstops after several of the channels in the guide. The PROVIDER NAME data for programmes on channel 365 is Discovery HD. if you use the CRID checker.
  • @Roy  Movie News , Movie News Extra and Teleshopping on Sony Movies are I believe simple Programme CRIDS  so I would expect them only to record the individual programme on the channel you set the recording on.
  • A few observations I believe the trigger for the issue is the way Sony Movies tends to broadcast many of their films. They often split their movies into 2 parts with a five minute Sony movie news in the middle.They are not the only channel to do thi…
  • The notification about the 15 April Freeview changes https://www.freeview.co.uk/15-april-2020-channel-changes Has the not very helpful statement that  Sony Movies are changing the way they are broadcast.
  • https://help.nowtv.com/article/can-i-watch-now-tv-with-subtitles Subtitles are available on all supported devices, except for the BT TV Box and YouView box.
  • (Quote) 
 I also recorded Belgravia on ITV HD using accurate recording on a Humax HDR-Fox T2  (ie an non Youview device) on Sunday (Crystal Palace transmitter). The programme had a  few minutes late start but accurate recording handled that …
  • well i still have it (Discover TV) working on mobile (Android 8 ) and on Ipad (ios12)  but not working on  ipad (ios13)  and  as  has been pointed out it is no longer available to download from Play Store or App Store.So looks like that is not an op…
  • @"Bruce Clarke" the Discover Tv  by Radio Times app from the play store seems to have a good radio section