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Youview takes you directly to a channel when you press OK on a program in the guide which is on air now. I guess that is a good thing, as it reduces unnecessary key presses, but if the program is available in HD, the only way to access the option to view in HD is to press i, and then select watch in HD. Would it be possible to have a prompt to either watch now, or watch in HD, if the program is available elsewhere in HD at that time?


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There is only one SD channel which isn't simply duplicated on a corresponding HD channel and that is BBC TWO.

The single channel that carries a mixture of content from other channels, BBC HD, is to be closed later this year and replaced with BBC TWO HD.

So unless I am misunderstanding you or otherwise missing something, I don't see the need for the facility you suggest.

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I do not really see much need for such a feature, particularly if channel list reordering ever becomes possible and hence people are likely to place the HD channels in a more desirable place within the ordering so find them more quickly.

There is a related topic to this about an option to record the HD version rather than SD one when you select to record off an SD channel, i.e. as works now for BBC. That and a similar watch HD channel has previously been picked up in the consolidated list of improvements and feature requests as item 55.


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What would be good is to be able to have the option to display all showings of the programme currently selected in the EPG whether in SD or HD. Three uses for this come to mind:-

1) To find an alternative later showing of a live programme that you have only caught part of and would like to see from the start (not all channels and programmes are on catch up);

2) To find an HD showing of a programmes on, say, BBC4;

3) To help manually resolve recording clashes when setting up timers.

A lot easier for the user than fiddling with the manual Search option.


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I agree about the other showings data, that seems to be lacking and is a big omission.

I watch a bit of stuff on E4, but on other platforms I can search for other airings of the same show on C4 HD so I can record that instead. same is true for BBC four stuff, and some BBC two and three. they are often repeated on BBC HD which I would always record instead, even if it means waiting

is there a thread for this already or do we start one ?