ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5 not loading programs at all.

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I can get into the all the catch up services but as soon as I try playing a program I just get constant buffering, however the BBC iPlayer works perfectly fine! I'm confused and how do I fix this!?
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Adrian Wood

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Something like that happened to me yesterday, for me switching the box off and back on again fixed it. (ie Re-boot). That does of course indicate a software fault.
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yeah tried this twice already but nothing happened. wonder if Youview know about this? :-/
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Hi Rob. We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing some issues. Have you seen this entry in our FAQ It may help to solve your problem.

If you can't find what you're looking for there, please Contact Us
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Itv player not working for me either tonight even though HD bbc iplayer stuff is perfect.
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Tonight Demand 5 had a black screen after adverts when trying to catchup Hatfields & Mccoys, ITV Player was blocky and stuttering, 4OD froze, then live TV was just a black screen after pressing close.


No change on Demand 5, didn't check other players but BBC iPlayer HD worked OK.
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james mayes

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December 2013 and exactly the same on 4 and 5 the rest are fine, as it is a BT product and service I suppose I should not expect any better.

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I think you wil find 4OD and Demand 5 are not BT product's
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I think you wil find 4OD and Demand 5 are not BT product's
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Anne Overend

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What happened to the last episode that was to be shown on channel 5 on December 16th, a film was shown instead. Very annoying.
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I have exactly the same issues. BBC and ITV work OK, the rest hang after the adverts, if I even get that far.

The only saving grace is that we are not alone judging by the other posts.

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I have now resolved my inability to get channel 4 or 5 on demand.

I moved the youview box to a different location and have now wired it directly to the router, rather than using powerline adapters, as before.

I am now able to pick up all the on demand channels.

Stangely the powerline adapters work with my Sky box, so I am still thinking that this is still a youview problem.

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Demand 5 working OK now.
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I tried ITV Player just now and the first program just gave a blank screen. No audio or buffering or any information about what is wrong. I tried another episode of the same program with no problems. Back to the original and still not working.
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Neal Banks

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Ive got BT infinity and Milkshake doesnt work the audio keeps dropping and freezes same with 5 on demand, ITV crap too. sending box back to BT not impressed with Youview at all
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Stephen Martin

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I also have a You View box (Humax) and BT Infinity 2 Sunday Night (4th Feb 2013) my Demand 5 catchup TV station wouldn't work requesting a software upgrade, yet after prompts the machine does not upgrade. Spoke to the BT helpdesk somewhere in the Asian subcontinent and after 40 minutes of procrastination was given the direct number for Demand 5 to call at my expense. (02086127700) they informed me that they are experiencing problems with software for the You View box and are fixing the problem but are unable to give a time period for this fix.

I am wondering after all of this why I bother with BT at all, Also why was it up to me to call Demand 5 direct when clearly the call center were unable to assist. Not Happy! Don't offer services you cannot provide.
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I am having the same problem as Stephen.
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Hey, had the exact same problem all players expect BBC iPlayer would load program, play the adverts then freeze on a black screen! Did all the usual things like reset hub, box etc speed check is perfect so knew it wasn't the Broadband connection!

I am running using powerline adapters and looking on here noticed that some people have resolved issues connecting directly to the hub, however refusing to move my whole house around to fit the need for the box, I contacted my supplier who gladly sent me a new box! All issues resolved, players work perfectly and no change to previous setup!

Keep that in mind!
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Hi Nathan,

Having the same problems with 4OD and ITV Player but BBC iPlayer works great. May also request a new box.

What software versions do you currently have that are working well for you ?
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Colin Johnson

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I have my YouView box directly connected to my router and still have problems with 4OD (not tried ITV/5). Twice the program fails to play or hangs on the first few seconds.

On one occasion, subsequent to the failed playback, all live channels would go blank and loose audio after 10 seconds.

Only a power-cycle (turn-it-off-and-then-on-again) would fix the issue.

SERIOUSLY, YouView was in private-beta longer than either of my children were in gestation, how on earth are there *so* many issues with this entire product?

You want to really wind me up? Stop me from watching the TV programme I want to watch when I've just sat down with my evening meal, that will get my blood boiling faster than a crematorium. If I have to GUOMB and power cycle the box, don't be surprised if the next time I only turn it off and not on again.
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We've had about a quarter of a million years to get gestation right..... ;-)
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Cello Man

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A factory reset fixed this issue for me.