YVITV-105 error on ITV player

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When watching programmes on the ITV player an intermittent error occurs. This is what happens:

1. Programme starts without any problems
2. An advert is reached and starts. Part way through the advert the following error message is displayed:

There was a problem accessing the required content. Please try again YVITV-105.

3. Now 2 options are displayed. They are 'Try again' and 'Exit'.
4. Click on 'try again'.
5. Now 3 options are displayed. They are 'resume', 'watch from start' and 'cancel'.
6. Click 'resume' and playback jumps to the next advert break.
7. Loading circle appears but nothing happens. Neither the advert or programme will play.

I've repeated the above steps for several different programmes and found the same problem. Please can this issue be investigated and fixed, as it's stopping me from watching programmes on the ITV player.

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Andy 778

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Posted 3 years ago

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im sorry but you will get answers directing you to ITV to sort your problem, while i dont fully agree with that, its what will happen so pls take the issue to them as YouView take no responsibility for any of its content.
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Same problem here trying to watch Mondays Emmerdale,
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Andy 778

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I contacted ITV support about this issue and this was their response:

Thank you for contacting ITV.

Could you please check if this is an issue with the YouView box or ITV Player by checking the other on demand services on your box.

Should you find the same issue is happening with the other player I would suggest you contact YouView by phoning 0845 099 2910.

However if the issue is only with the ITV Player please go through the following checks.

1. If you receive Broadband by your telephone could you please check that you have a dialling tone. This will ensure your line is working properly.

2. Please check that the cables between your router, YouView Box and phone socket are all connected correctly.

3. If you are using Poweline Adaptors please check both Adaptors are plugged in and powered on.

4. Please check that the cables between both your Adaptors and YouView box are connected correctly.

5. Check that your Powerline Adaptors are working correctly by plugging them into a double wall socket. Your user manual will advise what the coloured lights mean.

6. Check that your box is connected to the Network by going to settings and then network and internet.

7.If you have other devices connected to your internet could you please check that these are working correctly.

8. Please try resetting your box by pressing the front panel power button down for 8 seconds and then letting it go. When your box has restarted it will say "Hello" and then "Please Wait".

9. Try disconnecting any other devices you have connected to your internet and then watching the ITV Player.

10.Please ensure you have an ariel connected to your box.

It may also help to test your Broadband speed. This can be done by using the link below.

I'll check the other on demand players to see if I get the same error with any of them.

I don't really see the point in the further suggested checks on telephone line, router, powerline adapters etc. as I'm able to watch the ITV player via youview up to the point at which an advert is shown. However I'll complete the suggested checks if the problem is only with the ITV player.
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ty for sharing this response with us as im sure you can tell its a almost auto response i hope you have luck with it and let us know how you get on and any follow up.
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It's bloody daft. If you can use other players OK, then 90% of those tests are superfluous.

And if you can't, then 90% of those tests are things you should do before contacting YouView.

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hello I have same issue, I had it with an episode 3 weeks ago& gave up. I tried watching the big reunion last week & it stopped in the adverts & I tried the above. I then went to my friends house 2 days later & tried watching the episode again on their box & had the exact same problem! then I try again this week and the same prob again! this is the same episode on a different youview box & also it has happened to me on different programs. I am going to give up & watch it on a laptop & see if the itvplayer on that works! I'm pretty sure it is different tv shows and certain episodes. maybe they can't tell which programmes have the problem, but after 3 weeks I'm sure someone would complain or they would notice & fix it!
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I'm getting similar issue, trying to watch on itv player, as soon as adverts start I get a YouView error YVITV-105, if I click resume the YV box hangs.
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Steve Lewis

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Snap - I get this same problem, with the same program - having to restart the box after giving up trying to watch this!
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I do wish YV would take more ownership of issues with software running on their product. I called them up for assistance, but I was advised it was not a YV issue but an ITV player issue, and I should call ITV. If I bought a PC/laptop and I installed some third-party software, I can understand this fobbing off to the software vendor. However the YV box is a proprietary box, where YV are in total control of what software is loaded, eg I can not request ITV send me a 'patch' that I can load on to the YV box to resolve the issue. Maybe there are just too many 'moving parts' or points of failure (blame?) in this type of system, ISP, hardware manufacture, software platform, software players, broadcasters, broadcasters channel guide, end users home network, etc etc
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Alas, YV are not in 'total control' as you say. Any player maker, of those sanctioned by YouView to supply players, can update their software at any time and release a new version. I guess YV might test it first - or maybe not.

But it is exactly like having a third party product run on your PC, albeit one you didn't choose (like all the crapware you have to scrape off a new PC these days).

As to the 'moving parts' issue, I do agree with you. It is very confusing to know who is responsible for what, and I think YouView should be more proactive as a clearing house for these issues, being the one common factor across the board.

In practice, they are quite proactive here, and do handle issues with their partners, but it could and should be a lot more seamless. If the lights fail on my Volkswagen, I don't expect to be told "Oh, that's a Bosch component, go discuss it with them, not us".
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Ben Gorman

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I have had this several times and it is very annoying. The only way I get past it is to close the player and reopen. When it asks do you want to resume or play from the start, I play from the start and fast forward to where I ended up. I think it is something to do with the adverts that ITV have to play. Every time I got to the adverts, it displayed the error message and crashed. Another tip is to fast forward past the adverts (they are shaded on the timeline bar) and stop a couple of minutes after them.
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Aaron Williams

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Same issue. Called talktalk and an engineer is coming this week. Be intrigued to see what they can do. More like the customer service guy just tried fobbing me off.
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Aaron Williams

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From what the engineer could fathom he determined it to be an ITV issue.
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Matthew Owens

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I keep on getting this while trying to watch The Sooty Show. Its annoying, because it was working yesterday.
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Hi Matthew

The YVITV-105 is an ITV player error code. The ITV player team will be able to assist you further, you can find their contact details here: http://www.youview.com/support/kb/use...

Many thanks
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Audrey Morrison

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I, too, am having this problem. Why us it not being fixed when clearly it is a fault experienced by many viewers?
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Hi Audrey, 

This will be related to the scheduled maintenance for the ITV Player. We will update that post when this has been completed. 

I had the same issue trying to watch last night's England highlights. Turning the box off and one again did the trick