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I've had the youview box for about a month, initially it worked fine, but in the last couple of weeks I get the yvm302 error about loss of signal. This does effects different channels at different times, but at the mo most are not watchable. I have retuned and reset the box, but no difference. The same aerial cable plugged into the tv directly is fine - it shows all freeview channels perfectly.

David Green

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Posted 1 year ago

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Hi David, we have an FAQ for this issue. I would recommend to follow the steps as they are laid out in it and if that doesn't resolve it you have the link to our useful contacts as a last step.

Sandra Cohen

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I have tried all your recommendations and nothing making it work!
I keep getting the same error message

Phil, Official Rep

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Hi Sandra, the past week there has been a period of high atmospheric pressure which has caused a number of viewers to have a weak signal on live TV, or experience the error YVM 302.

This has been prevalent most of last week however this should have largely subsided although if you live in the South of England you may still be experiencing some issues. Otherwise if this is still a problem you can try a box retunre (which you may have tried) and also check the coverage checker on the Digital UK website http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/ for any issue in the area.

Also you may want to check the signal strength on your box in in Settings> TV Signal and Quality to see if this is variable for you?

Let me know how you get on,


David Fisher

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I am having a similar problem, since friday I have been getting the yvm302 message, you can be watching tv (signal strength 69-71%, quality 100%) and then all the channels disappear.

Sometimes turning box off and on gets channels back, other times you need to do a factory restore, however this doesn't always guarantee getting the channels back.

I have been through all the steps in the FAQ but all the channels continue to disappear.

Ylber Karaj

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hi my tv is not working good is any one can hellp me

Ylber Karaj

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i goot the same problem with my tv

Julie Rayner

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I am having the same problem. My last house had a loft aerial. The YouView was fine, but the signal was not strong enough for the digital TV.

I have just moved and now have a newly fitted aerial on the roof. Now the digital TV is fine but the YouView is absolutely appalling, the signal breaks up on all channels. What's going on?

Am seriously thinking about selling the box as it is frankly a waste of space at the moment!

It is a brand new aerial with brand new wiring so the fault must be with the box. Any advice gratefully received!

Kathy Boyd

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we too have been having a problem with this. its something to do with the grey lead that connects the modem to the you view box. when you try and contact customer support no body answers the phone. great . just before xmas too.

Steven Harris

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I'm having the same issue.  Everything has been working fine but now suddenly whenever I turn on the YouView box I get a blank screen and then the YVM302 warning box appears.  It is not a problem with the aerial as the aerial feeds through the YouView box to my TV and my TV has all the channels without a problem at all.  

I have tried all of the suggestions on the FAQs and I have also done a reset in maintenance mode as suggested elsewhere.  This causes the channels to come back for between 30 minutes to an hour but then the problem resurfaces again.  Sometimes I can get the channels back just by pressing and holding the power button on the front to restart the machine but this doesn't always work.

Something has clearly happened to the box and I would appreciate any help to be able to fix it.